Wilson's Word: Oh, the misery of 0-2

Go ahead, let it out. Vent. That's what being 0-2 is all about.

When you’re 0-2, the food doesn’t taste quite as good, does it?

And perhaps, if you’re in Indianapolis Colts management, a coach or player, or a diehard fan, you don’t sleep as well, either.

Yeah, being 0-2, put simply, sucks.

When you haven’t won a game after two weeks, everybody is negative. Or it seems that way.

Every little mistake gets magnified, be it a bad throw, a turnover, a missed tackle, a terrible penalty, or an awful no-call.

When you’re 0-2, many people are calling for the coaches' heads. Not just them but also general manager Ryan Grigson's head, too. People have to blame someone for being frustrated.

Anybody with optimism saying, “Stay calm,” evokes memories of actor Kevin Bacon in the movie Animal House, when he’s trying to tell a rioting public to “Remain calm. All is well” after the final-scene parade has gone awry.

And admit it, those people kind of tick you off.

You want to be upset at 0-2, and tend to think the worst. You’re convinced it’s not going to get better, or at the very least, if the Colts can’t beat Denver or Philadelphia, this team has no shot of going anywhere should it bounce back and reach the playoffs.

At times like these, you're thinking the Houston Texans are going to reclaim the AFC South Division.

When you’re 0-2, nothing seems possible.

Players are not living up to their contracts when they lose, right? That guy is paid too much. This guy hasn’t played well. Get rid of this guy or that guy.

When you haven’t won and it’s Sept. 20th, no player is immune to criticism.

That includes quarterback Andrew Luck, the most important player on the roster. He hasn’t seemed like himself lately, has missed some throws, what’s wrong?

Losing twice means jumping the gun that one of the NFL’s best young talents isn’t going to take that next step to elite status.

And admit it, people that bash Luck tick you off, too.

When you’re 0-2, there’s probably too much analysis, huh? Paralysis from over-analysis, somebody once said.

Any explanation from coaches or players shared on Twitter or Facebook is a reason to start a “just hit send” argument with others.

After watching two losses, you don’t want to hear coaches give bland answers or make excuses, either. Are they stating the obvious or not really saying anything?

Nobody can convince you otherwise of what you are sure you know after watching your team lose back-to-back games already.

When you’re 0-2, patience doesn’t seem like much of a virtue. That’s not just when watching football, but perhaps in everyday life, at work, in your free time, driving down the road and you turn the radio dial to music because you don’t want to think about how the Colts have started.

If a child is demanding or the Mrs. reminds of a chore, you snicker. Or worse yet, you ignore the people most important to you.

You turn on the TV and see NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell being defensive about mistakes made in handling the recent controversies, be it Ray Rice or Adrian Peterson.

When you’re 0-2, you wonder if something is indeed wrong with this game, or if the NFL is in trouble because players can’t keep their noses clean.

Or perhaps, when you’re 0-2, you worry if it indeed will get worse, even if the next game is a road trip to Jacksonville.

When you’re 0-2, you actually think it’s possible the Colts could lose to the Jaguars. (Not that I believe that for a second.)

Perhaps the only think remotely positive about being 0-2, really, is that Sunday can’t get here soon enough. Hey, at least you’re looking forward to something.

Phillip B. Wilson can be found on Twitter (@pwilson24), Facebook and Google+.

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