Q&A: Safety Colt Anderson

Newcomer with ideal name loves going home to Montana.

Safety Colt Anderson knows how to get away from football when it’s time to return home. He recently chatted with Phillip B. Wilson about life back in Montana.

Phil B: I’m sure your entire life, people have asked you about your name?

Colt: Yeah, and I still wonder about my name, too. I don’t know where it came from. Believe it or not, my brothers’ names are Bo and Luke, similar to “The Dukes of Hazzard,” then there’s me, Colt. I thinking it came from an old TV show, but I don’t know where.

Phil B: Now everybody says you’ve got the perfect name for where you’re at.

Colt: Yeah, it’s kind of ironic, but it is pretty cool.

Phil B: Where are you from?

Colt: Butte, Montana.

Phil B: You’re used to being up there running around the mountains, the country.

Colt: When people think of Montana, they think of the country. But believe it or not, I’m kind of a city slicker. I really wasn’t an outdoorsy guy. I never hunted. I just recently started fishing.

Phil B: I thought everybody fly fished there after seeing the movie “A River Runs Through It.”

Colt: I just started fly fishing. My soon-to-be brother-in-law bought me my first fly rod so I’m excited to get out there this summer and get on the river.

Phil B: I’ve heard Montana is a secret paradise. Those who have visited there have told me, ‘You’ve got to go to Montana and see Montana. It’s just incredible.’

Colt: There’s a reason why they call it God’s Country. It’s pretty majestic. I didn’t really realize what I had growing up until I left college and was in the NFL and came home. That’s when you appreciate things more, when they take it away from you or you leave somewhere and you come back and see what you have. I love it up there.

Phil B: From scenes in movies, it looks like you can go there and be miles away from your troubles, you can get away and separate.

Colt: You can definitely get away. (NBA legend) Phil Jackson just wrote this book recently and he talked about Flathead Lake in Montana. He talks about all of these coaches in the summer, they go to all of these camps and they never really get their minds off basketball. Phil says it’s important to go get away and his getaway is up in Montana. He hit it right on the head, where you can just get away from people and just really let your mind rest because that’s important.

Phil B: So if you’re up there at Flathead Lake and see Phil Jackson, do you just go down the lake and give him some space?

Colt: It’s a big lake. I think it’s the biggest lake West of the Mississippi.

Phil B: So you can share?

Colt: There’s plenty of space. You can drive around that lake and never see anybody?

Phil B: You like that lake?

Colt: I’m a lake guy. That’s what I enjoy in the summers, the lake, the rivers, the sunshine.

Phil B: You love playing football, you love what you do, but that’s something you can always look forward to, going home?

Colt: There’s no place like home. My wife is from the same hometown as me, so I got lucky there. We have two boys now and so family is real important to us and our family is in Montana. We love getting home.

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