She Said It: Don't get too comfortable

Heather Lloyd reminds the Colts can't relax much after one blowout win at Jacksonville. Now come home to Lucas Oil Stadium and play well again against the Tennessee Titans.

Heather Lloyd (aka The Blue Mare) shares her insights on the Indianapolis Colts with Phillip B. Wilson, discussing the 44-17 win at Jacksonville and the upcoming Sunday home game against the Tennessee Titans.

Phil B: All is right in the world for the moment?

Heather: I think so. You know, just go out there, dominate, win 44-17, the fans will be happy, life will be good. That’s all we want. That’s all we expect, right?

Phil B: You called that, right?

Heather: The funny thing is, everyone told me that’s what was going to happen and I didn’t believe them because I’ve seen Jacksonville play us tough too many times. I was pleasantly surprised that, ‘It’s going to be a blowout. People were right,’ because I was prepared for a tougher game than that. But it sure was nice to see. It was nice to see them go out and play a real balanced game, play for 60 minutes, throw the ball, run the ball, they really did everything we’ve wanted to see from them and all in one game so I think we all feel great now.

Phil B: There’s something about losing that makes everybody fear the worst, but I think the win reminded people these guys aren’t that bad, the Colts are a pretty decent team, they just had a couple tough losses. Don’t jump the gun, we tried to say that last week. I don’t know how many people heard that.

Heather: The other thing we failed to remember is that they started off the schedule playing two really good teams off the bat. Along with the fact that they weren’t executing well, they were making mistakes and there were parts of the game that didn’t look great, they were playing really good teams with really good defenses. Obviously things are going to look different when you go in there and play a team like Jacksonville versus a team like the Broncos. Now it’s the same thing. We can’t overreact to them going out there and looking fantastic in all aspects of the game when they play a team that’s not the Broncos or the Eagles. Jacksonville may have the worst record in the AFC South right now, they may be ranked last in most things in the NFL, but I still think we feel good that the Colts could go out there and accomplish some things we wanted to see from them. I also think we’re at the point in the season where just going out and winning was something that not only the team needed but the fans needed. So I guess it was just good timing to play this game when they did play it and to go out there and execute. You kind of feel like once they were able to do that, they’ve got something to build on. That’s what they needed. We needed a win. Dominating was fantastic. Dominating was even better. And then move on from that, build on some of the stuff they did there. And, yeah, I think we all feel better going forward, I’m sure no one better than the team.

Phil B: I think Andrew Luck is OK?

Heather: Yeah. At one point during that game, I tweeted out, ‘Too bad Andrew Luck is so pedestrian.’

Phil B: Listen to you taking shots at The Indianapolis Star headline. The Blue Mare kicks.

Heather: Here’s the thing, he’s not going to look like that every game, but for the people who were kind of down on him for the first couple of games and maybe even part of the preseason, it was a fantastic reminder of how good a quarterback he really is. He can do everything. He can handle almost everything. He can run and he can throw. And the guy is in his third year. When you put it all together, how much he can do and how much he’s put together in a short period of time, it’s still remarkable and amazing. And then the guy from the Broncos, Chris Harris, comes out and says after playing Seattle, ‘I don’t know what all this talk is about Andrew Luck being the best quarterback. We just played Russell Wilson and he’s the best.’ There’s always going to be speculation and everyone is always going to throw opinions around. But I think right now, to this day, if we had to go back and do it all over again, I would still pick Andrew Luck first, and if you even lined him up right now with every quarterback in the NFL, he is still the quarterback I would pick right now over everyone else. Yeah, I think Andrew Luck reminded us yet again of what he’s capable of, and better yet, what he’s capable of in the future.

Phil B: Moving forward, they’ve got to come back and play another good game at home this time against Tennessee. The Titans have obviously been humbled the last two weeks, so what are your thoughts on the Colts coming home and getting a win at home now?

Heather: I think it’s good timing again. It’s another divisional game, so it’s also another important game, again. But to play at home, be back at Lucas Oil Stadium in front of the fans, hopefully they can take what they did last week and build on it. It’s a great opportunity. I don’t think anybody thinks the Titans are fantastic. They clearly have not really established their quarterback situation yet, which is always a problem. I look at it as another opportunity for the Colts to go in there and test some of the things we were doing last week against a different team. Yeah, let’s try to get some more pass rushes in there. Let’s continue to run the ball like that. That was fantastic. It’s another team we can test our weapons against and see how it works. Ken Whisenhunt is a really good coach. I think he’ll probably do some great things with the Titans. Is he able to do it right now, maybe not with the roster they have, but I think down the road the Titans are going to be a good team again. Right not, they’re not looking fantastic. But, again, I still say you can’t get too comfortable though. Just because we played Jacksonville, who wasn’t a great team and dominated them, I don’t think we have any reason to believe that we’re going to go dominate the Titans like that at home this Sunday. The Colts are going to have to put together another good game plan and execute it.

Phil B: You know how this sets up? They beat the Titans and they do it convincingly, everybody is going to say the Colts are just fattening up on the AFC South, which I think works in the Colts’ favor. I think when people criticize or have a little bit of a slant like that, the guys say they don’t read it or hear it, but they do.

Heather: I have always said that I think the Colts play best with a chip on their shoulder. I think ever since the Andrew Luck era started, the Colts have felt like people don’t really give them the credit that they deserve. Last year, I think we felt pretty decent about the team and the season. But they kind of did the opposite last year, they started strong and they kind of hit a rough patch in the middle and that’s when people began to panic. This season, I kind of feel like they’re getting that early on. They’re getting this scrutiny right off the bat. People are doubting whether they’re one of the better teams, even doubting if Andrew Luck is one of the better quarterbacks. But I’ve always said that I think they feel better when they feel like they’re being disrespected and people are criticizing them because they have something to prove. Yeah, I think it’s not a bad thing for them to feel like they have to go out every week and try to prove something because people aren’t necessarily buying the whole package right now that they’re putting out there. Along with all the other things that they have to worry about, they’ve kind of got this general public perception that maybe they’re not one of the better teams in the NFL. That’s something I know they want to prove people wrong on.

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