Video: Pat McAfee has the last laugh

Punter was one of several Colts who had a speaking part in a parody video starring stand-up comedian Jim Gaffigan. After seeing the video, Pat McAfee decided to tease his friend.

Pat McAfee appreciates a joke probably better than anyone in the Indianapolis Colts’ locker room.

When popular stand-up comedian Jim Gaffigan visited Indianapolis in August, he shot a parody video on being a player during preseason. The Colts opened up the team complex and had several players involved: defensive end Cory Redding, tight end Coby Fleener, wide receiver Reggie Wayne, quarterback Andrew Luck, and McAfee. Even Hoosier celebrity David Letterman had a part.

McAfee’s interaction came after Gaffigan was cut by the Colts. The punter gave Gaffigan the punter’s No. 1 Colts jersey, which the comedian thanked him for by mistakenly calling McAfee “Adam,” as in kicker Adam Vintaieri.

Before getting to McAfee’s reaction on the finished product, here’s the hilarious Gaffigan video, which can be found on YouTube. Gaffigan said in the caption, “Many people don’t realize I ALMOST played for the Colts this season. Apparently I was beat out by some guy named Andrew Luck.”

Gaffigan explained the back story to the video, posted Thursday on YouTube: “I was in Indy for a show and was asked to do some stadium fan conduct videos for the Colts. I agreed immediately. While filming the fan conduct videos, I met some of the players and did a couple extra shots, which turned into this video. It was amazing. Thanks Colts!”

The comedian, who was raised in Chesterton, Ind., was in town Aug. 17 for a stand-up gig at the Indiana State Fair, and had McAfee introduce him. The two initially became friends on Twitter. McAfee is known as one of the Colts’ funniest players, and Gaffigan asked his friend to do a stand-up bit, but McAfee stuck to just an introduction.

After seeing the parody, the punter had to have some fun of his own on Thursday.

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