Q&A: Cornerback Greg Toler

Colts defender loves his four dogs, calls them "my babies."

Greg Toler is a “must love dogs” kind of guy. He has four of them. The Indianapolis Colts cornerback recently chatted with Phillip B. Wilson about his pets.

Phil B: OK, what’s the canine roster?

Greg: Four American Staffordshire Terriers.

Phil B: How did you come by that breed?

Greg: They’re in the city. They’re on the West Coast. Growing up, I had one and it’s an athletic dog. So playing sports, we’re athletic and have a lot of drive, so that dog I just liked. I had one when I was younger, so I said, ‘Once I get older, I’m going to get a couple of them.’

Phil B: So what are the names and the scouting report on each of them?

Greg: Ace is 2. He was my first, so he’s like my ‘Ace.’ When I first got into the league, I bought my first. He’s a blue terrier.

Phil B: Blue?

Greg: His color is blue. He’s like a grayish blue.

Phil B: I’m learning a lot here.

Greg: My cousin shows him for me at shows.

Phil B: The second?

Greg: Moet, she’s 2, like the champagne. I got her immediately after Ace. Moet is like my girl, my first girl, and she’s very protective. She doesn’t let too many people close unless I say it’s OK. She’s always up beside me. Ace, he might be running around doing something. With Moet, she even sometimes checks him, you know, like a woman would? She’s kind of jealous.

Phil B: And third?

Greg: Cadillac. That’s my baby boy. I call him ‘Caddy’ because that was my first car. He’s 1 now. His color is like champagne gold.

Phil B: So the colors vary? What’s Moet’s color?

Greg: Moet is a brindle tiger stripe, like a bengal tiger.

Phil B: What’s the scouting report on Caddy?

Greg: Caddy is the baby. He just watches what they do. When I brought him to the house, he was peeing everywhere and using the bathroom everywhere. He just had to get a part of the pack. He started seeing the pack didn’t do it, so he stopped doing it. My other dogs listen to me, so he started listening to me.

Phil B: And last but not least?

Greg: Alegra. I actually got her from someone who couldn’t take care of her. She was just a puppy. She’s almost 1, she’s 11 months.

Phil B: What color is Alegra?

Greg: She’s a blue like Ace, but she’s a dark blue font. She’s just a baby. I’m a dog guy, so I was like, ‘I have space.’ I was in Arizona, so I brought her along.

Phil B: Her personality?

Greg: She’s very laid-back. Moet is the alpha female. If I set four bowls of food out, and one is all the way over in the yard, and I have a big backyard, Moet is running to each bowl making sure a dog doesn’t eat until she eats. (Laughs.) If I tell her to go get Ace, she goes and gets him. He has a big collar on and she’ll try to grab him from the collar.

Phil B: I had black labs. Isn’t it funny how the female is often more dominant?

Greg: And you can tell how they listen to her. She can just look and stand up, like if another dog has a toy she wants. Ace is bigger than her, but she’ll just stand up and look at him and he’ll curl his ears back and just walk off. They’re my babies. They’re all my babies.

Phil B: What is it about dogs?

Greg: They don’t judge you. They’re always loyal. Man’s best friend, from the beginning of time.

Phil B: So when you walk in the door, they don’t tell you that you played like crap today?

Greg: You can have a bad game, you can have a good game, they’re just still there for you and be up under you. It takes some of this pressure off you from every day playing ball and people saying bad things or good things about you.

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