Video: Where do they hate to play in NFL?

Players were asked to name NFL stadiums they hate most. Since we were talking stadiums, how about loudest venues?

As Indianapolis Colts running back Ahmad Bradshaw said, while pondering an answer, “Hate is a strong word.”

When pressed, however, on what NFL stadiums they hate to play in, players mentioned several stadiums. Some rather definitively. And more than once.

The actual playing surface, or lack thereof, was a factor for this dubious distinction. Call it “bad grass” or no grass at all — hmmm, which stadium surface has dirt from a baseball diamond? Yeah, kind of an obvious hint.

The answers also had to do with how visiting players are “greeted,” shall we say. In other words, there are the expected hostile environments, and then there’s beyond that.

The Colts visit Houston Thursday night. Don’t worry, Texans fans, NRG Stadium didn’t make the list.

Here’s what the Colts said in a recent visit to the locker room.

Since the topic of stadiums was being broached, players were also asked the loudest venue in the NFL. The obvious answer was given many times — but not everybody said Seattle’s CenturyLink Field. Most of them did, but not all.

Check out what other stadiums came up in this conversation.

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