Q&A: Defensive tackle Arthur Jones

The Colts' newcomer chats about recently getting married to his longtime girlfriend, Sunny, at Syracuse University.

Indianapolis Colts defensive tackle Arthur Jones tied the knot in the offseason. He recently chatted with Phillip B. Wilson about his life change.

Phil B: You got married in the offseason. Are you a changed man?

Arthur: I was just talking about that. Yeah, I guess I don’t go out as much. I just stay home and play with my kids and my dogs.

Phil B: What’s your wife’s name?

Arthur: Sunny.

Phil B: How long did Sunny have to press you on this before she got you down the altar?

Arthur: Oh man, since my rookie year. (Laughs.) Not really. She was very patient. She took her time. She said when I felt comfortable and I was ready to jump the broom, that’s what we did.

Phil B: Jump the broom? Or jump two brooms?

Arthur: Something like that. It’s one of those terms.

Phil B: Where was the ceremony?

Arthur: On campus at Syracuse University, where I went to college at, Hendricks Chapel, it’s a nice chapel on campus. She’s from Syracuse.

Phil B: Were you nervous?

Arthur: I was extremely nervous. It’s one of the most nerve-wracking things ever. I just wanted it to be perfect. Everyone was watching.

Phil B: Do you feel different? Everyone says how much it changes your life.

Arthur: Yeah, it does. For me, I felt like I’ve already been there. We’ve been together for so long. It’s a little different. I feel like it’s more for the woman. It feels good to call her my wife instead of my fiancee or the kids’ mother.

Phil B: She’s the boss at home?

Arthur: Absolutely, hands down, she’s the boss.

Phil B: You don’t mind that?

Arthur: I don’t mind that.

Phil B: She’s looking out for you.

Arthur: Definitely.

Phil B: So you’re a happy man?

Arthur: Oh yeah, definitely. Things couldn’t be happier right now.

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