Q&A: Defensive tackle Josh Chapman

The Colts' 340-pound run plugger has been exploring the adventures of grilling food to satisfy his hearty appetite.

Indianapolis Colts defensive tackle Josh Chapman is a 340-pound run plugger with a veracious appetite off the field, too. The third-year pro chatted recently with Phillip B. Wilson about enhancing his game when it comes to grilling his food.

Phil B: What’s new about you?

Josh: Nothing different really. Been doing a lot of grilling lately.

Phil B: You like to grill?

Josh: Oh yeah.

Phil B: We’ll have to get into this. You’re good at this?

Josh: Let’s go.

Phil B: What are you at grilling?

Josh: I’ve got some good chicken lately.

Phil B: What do you do to it?

Josh: I put some Mesquite on there and I add Dale’s Seasoning. It comes straight out of Birmingham (Ala.). They sell it in different stores up here, too. The crazy part is I just found out it’s from Birmingham when I took Bjoern (Werner) a bottle when he grilled. That’s what I put on my chicken. Now I’m trying different things with my ribs. I put on mustard, brown sugar, and I got this different rub my folks brought in, one comes from Arkansas and I kind of fell in love with that rub. Then I just bought a Big Green Egg. That’s the best grill known to man.

Phil B: That’s nice. A smoker, huh?

Josh: The best.

Phil B: So you’re experimenting with that? You’re smoking whole chickens?

Josh: Yeah, I smoked a whole one, a drunken chicken.

Phil B: Why was it drunk?

Josh: I guess that’s what it’s called. You put a beer can in there and let it sit on the smoker. It was juiciest chicken I’ve ever had. I ain’t gonna like to you. I call it Big Bertha. Where I got that name from, I don’t know.

Phil B: That’s the beauty of turkey, too. My wife and I soak our birds with sea salt, something with salt so it retains water when you cook it, and it’s the juiciest thing you’ll ever have.

Josh: Now in my off time, all I do is just Google different ways of cooking stuff.

Phil B: You know (left offensive tackle) Anthony Castonzo cooks?

Josh: Yeah, I’ve talked to him plenty of times. I’m just now getting into it, trying to go different ways of doing stuff, just trying things out, you know, for the fun of it?

Phil B: As a fellow big guy, you can’t let yourself go, though, huh?

Josh: Nah, nah, nah.

Phil B: I mean, Josh Chapman could eat more than a rack of ribs.

Josh: That’s the good part about it, just cooking better stuff, grilling it. I’ve tried turkey burgers. My latest thing I cooked was a turkey burger with onions and bell peppers. That was good.

Phil B: You and I could eat more than a rack of ribs.

Josh: Oh yeah, two slabs. (Laughs.)

Phil B: Do you have a specific type of rib you like?

Josh: St. Louis style. Get that membrane off of there and get going.

Phil B: How much sizzle does your sauce have?

Josh: Crazy part is, I tried to make my own sauce, but I’ve still got sauce that friends have made. I cooked my last slab and didn’t even need any sauce. I’m not really a big, spicy kind of guy. I’ve just got a little taste for hickory.

Phil B: Any teammates sample your grilling?

Josh: Yeah, Serg (Sergio Brown), Boom (Daniel Herron), Montori (Hughes). During OTAs, it was every Friday.

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