Q&A: Linebacker Andy Studebaker

Two baby girls and counting, the energetic Colts reserve and his wife love how their daughters make life interesting.

Indianapolis Colts reserve linebacker Andy Studebaker recently chatted with Phillip B. Wilson about how his two baby girls make life interesting.

Phil B: OK, what don’t we know about you, Andy. You’re a special-teams menace. And you do jack the jaws a little bit. You let them know you’re there.

Andy: Sometimes. (Laughs.) Yeah, man, I like to compete. I get a little crazier on the field than maybe off it. Off the field, I’m just like most people. I love a good barbecue. I know Chap (Josh Chapman) is into barbecue. We just talked about that. I live next to Chap, so we talk grilling. I have two baby girls who eat up most of my time.

Phil B: Really? What are their names and ages?

Andy: Reagan is 2 and then we’ve got Maren, she’s pushing 6 months old.

Phil B: What about their mom?

Andy: Mallory is my wife.

Phil B: You’re outnumbered.

Andy: Yeah, I’m surrounded. It’s three-on-one at my house right now and I’m loving it.

Phil B: You going to try for a boy?

Andy: I don’t care. I love it. If I had six girls, I don’t care, I love it. It’s great. There’s something special about when that little girl looks up and says, ‘Daddy.’ It’s a fun deal. Whatever comes, I’ll take. But I don’t mind the girls. I’m good. At my house, when I go home from football, I have tea parties. (Laughs.) I’m dancing with princesses, dressed up like that. It’s a little bit of two lives here. I’m that guy right now. It’s fun. I love it.

Phil B: That doesn’t sound …

Andy: That doesn’t sound amazing, does it?

Phil B: No, I don’t mean that. I’ve been there, but it doesn’t sound like a rough and tumble football player.

Andy: That’s why I turn it up a little higher in intensity on Sunday.

Phil B: Pink horses and unicorns and …

Andy: I don’t know. We’re like into the Disney princess stuff. That’s my one daughter. The other one, she doesn’t know what’s going on yet.

Phil B: The 2-year-old talking? What’s she asking you?

Andy: Two-and-a-half. Yeah, talking. She’s not asking us anything awkward yet, but she entertains us. She’s saying a lot of things. We’ve got to watch what we say around the house. She’s repeating everything. She’s a talker, man. We’ve had to be on our toes for a while.

Phil B: How has she got you?

Andy: Gosh. I’d have to ask my wife for that one. But out of the blue, she’ll come up and say something we said a month ago. ‘Where did you hear that? Geez, we’d better be quiet around you.’

Phil B: Are you going to be able to reserve time in the bathroom down the road?

Andy: I’m going to have my own, I think. We’re three-to-one and we’re hoping to have a few more, so we’ll see what happens.

Phil B: You a big family guy?

Andy: Yeah, we both came from big families. I came from five, I’m the youngest, and my wife is in the middle of five. We’re used to that. That’s kind of our normal.

Phil B: You’re going to have four girls.

Andy: (Laughs.) We’ll see. We’ll see. Maybe. That would be fun, wouldn’t it?

Phil B: This is so not what I expected. Good stuff.

Andy: It’s awesome, man. I love it. Most people say, ‘Don’t you want to have a boy?’ Yeah, sure. But I also know what those 13-year-old boys think about. I was one of them one time. I don’t know if I need that guy running around my house while I’m at work.

Phil B: Yeah, do you want to worry about protecting your girls from them or trying to tell the hunter …

Andy: I can take boxing lessons the rest of my life to keep them guys away, but I don’t know, we’ll figure it out when it comes.

Phil B: That’s funny. I’ve talked to other guys about their kids, how amazing it is, they tell you your life is going to change with kids and then it does.

Andy: Oh, it does. It’s a good change. Having kids reveals some selfishness in you. You give up a lot, but the reward is amazing. It’s unbeatable. I wouldn’t trade it for anything, not for one more minute of freedom or an extra vacation or whatever we would normally do. Those two little girls, they steal your heart.

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