Q&A: Defensive tackle Zach Kerr

In his free time, Colts' undrafted rookie likes looking up stuff on the Internet and claims to be the king of 'rock, paper, scissors' in the locker room. This day, he backs it up.

Indianapolis Colts rookie defensive tackle Zach Kerr recently chatted with Phillip B. Wilson about loving life in the NFL, how he enjoys researching information on the Internet and reveals he has a special talent when it comes to “rock, paper, scissors.”

Phil B: You always seem to have a smile and a hello and ‘How ya’ doin’?’ Personality plus?

Zach: Yeah, I try to.

Phil B: A guy happy to be here?

Zach: That’s me, that’s my personality. I’m happy to be here. I don’t got too many reasons to be upset. I can’t be upset at anything right now.

Phil B: You’re a rookie and you’re playing?

Zach: I’m a rookie, I’m playing, I’m getting paid (laughs). Everybody in my family is healthy.

Phil B: Where you from?

Zach: I’m originally from Washington, D.C.

Phil B: College ball?

Zach: I went to Delaware.

Phil B: Joe Flacco?

Zach: And (Colts safety) Mike Adams.

Phil B: What’s something about you we don’t know?

Zach: One of my things people probably would not know about me is I am a research fiend. I’ll leave practice and get home about 4:30 p.m. and I’ll be on Google for another two or three hours.

Phil B: You should have been in that Vince Vaughn, Owen Wilson movie, where they work for Google.

Zach: I should have worked for Google. I’m always on Google.

Phil B: You’re looking for an endorsement.

Zach: Yeah. (Laughs.) If I see something on TV and hear somebody’s name. Who’s that? Google. Wonder what this person does? Google. I wonder how long this person has been in the league or what are their NFL stats, or how many movies has this person been in and what was their first movie? I like to know weird information about people, so I’m always looking stuff up.

Phil B: How many times do you Google yourself?

Zach: Oh, I Google myself a lot.

Phil B: To see how it changes?

Zach: Yeah, you’ve got to see. That’s the thing, a lot of football players will say, ‘Nah, I don’t Google myself.’ They’re lying. I know they’re lying. I’m not going to lie to you. They’ll check it out. Yeah, I Google myself. I want to see what people are saying. At the end of the day, you’re going to get good, honest feedback from your coaches, but the people are important, too. They come to our games. They come support us. They might not play football and they might not know football, but their opinion still matters somewhat.

Phil B: What else did you want to mention?

Zach: Another thing is I like to play ‘rock, paper, scissors’ a lot.

Montori Hughes (watching the interview nearby, he interjects): I’m the best!

Zach: I’m hands down the ‘rock, paper, scissors’ king. I’ve got the most flawless ‘rock, paper, scissors’ technique going.

Phil B: He says he’s the king, Montori. I’ve got to believe it when a player tells me that. … We could settle this right now.

Zach: We can do best two out of three.

Montori: Let’s go then. Let’s put a check on it.

Zach: No. We can play for fun, but I’m not putting no check on nothing.

Phil B: He wants money?

Zach: Yeah, he wants a whole game check.

Phil B: You got him?

Zach: I’ll beat Montori.

Phil B: OK, I’ll watch. This is going to be in the Q&A. You ready?

Both players stand next to each other and lower their hands to play.

Montori: Don’t be looking at my hand. I’m looking at you.

They throw the hands down. Zach wins with paper over a rock.

Zach: (Laughs.)

Montori: I want a rematch!

Zach: I’ll take on all comers. I back it up.

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