Q&A: Tight end Dwayne Allen

When not catching TD passes from Andrew Luck, Colts tight end Dwayne Allen says they are competitive at table tennis.

Indianapolis Colts tight end Dwayne Allen reveals to Phillip B. Wilson that he can play a mean game of table tennis in this recent question-and-answer chat.

Phil B: Tell me something interesting about you.

Dwayne: I love to play table tennis.

Phil B: Really? Are you good?

Dwayne: I’m pretty good. Andrew Luck is probably the best on the team. That’s a no-brainer.

Phil B: Very competitive? Spins the ball and everything?

Dwayne: We all spin the ball. Patrick McAfee is very talented also. I crushed him at his house in a tournament.

Phil B: How long ago was this?

Dwayne: It was in the offseason, maybe in March.

Phil B: I know Mac. He’s going to say that he’s upped his game.

Dwayne: He thinks he has, but until he proves it … As coaches like to say, you’re only as good as your last game, OK?

Phil B: And you crushed him?

Dwayne: I crushed him.

Phil B: You said the word ‘crush.’

Dwayne: I crushed him on the table.

Phil B: What, like 21-5?

Dwayne: It was pretty bad.

Phil B: You don’t want to say the score.

Dwayne: I don’t remember.

Phil B: You could say you don’t want to say the score out of respect for him.

Dwayne: I like that. You know, I don’t want to say the score out of respect for one Patrick McAfee, but it wasn’t in his favor.

Phil B: When did you start playing?

Dwayne: I started playing in high school. My high school football coach, he didn’t want me to go home because he knew I would get in trouble. In the spring time, I didn’t have a sport to play, so he got the table out and we started playing and I’ve been playing ever since.

Phil B: Do you have a table at home?

Dwayne: Yeah, I do.

Phil B: Do you do the Forrest Gump thing, where you hit the ball off the side of a raised table?

Dwayne: Sometimes I do, when I’m by myself.

Phil B: When is the last time you took on Luck?

Dwayne: A couple of months ago, but the last time I took him on, I beat him finally. He was on a winning streak of like 20 games.

Phil B: Was this a training camp thing?

Dwayne: No, sometimes after games, over to his place. He used to beat me pretty bad but I’ve gotten better. The last time we played, I beat him. Then we played two more games and he beat me.

Phil B: He reminded you that he’s still king.

Dwayne: Exactly.

Phil B: So if he’s like the No. 1 seed and you’re No. 2?

Dwayne: Easily, No. 2.

Phil B: Nobody else in the room?

Dwayne: (Kicker) Cody Parkey, when he was here, he was pretty good. But Cody Parkey got that work from Dwayne Allen. He got beat.

Phil B: Anybody else aspiring?

Dwayne: Whoever wants to play, let me know. I’m taking on all challengers.

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