She Said It: Don't let your guard down

Heather Lloyd warns fans about not underestimating an opponent with a bad record. She did before Jacksonville last week and is saying it again with Washington coming to town.

Heather Hill Lloyd (a.k.a. The Blue Mare) chatted with Phillip B. Wilson about the Thanksgiving tradition of family and football, how a home win over Jacksonville wasn’t so easy and about facing the Washington Redskins without Robert Griffin III starting at quarterback Sunday at Lucas Oil Stadium.

Phil B: Happy Thanksgiving, dear.

Heather: Happy Thanksgiving to you.

Phil B: Besides Andrew Luck, what are you most thankful for?

Heather: Adam Vinatieri. (Laughs.)

Phil B: That’s good. (Laugh.)

Heather: I think everybody has many things we can be thankful for as Colts fans and I have to say right up there are Andrew Luck and Adam Vinatieri.

Phil B: You’ve got plans. You’re going to do the bird, spend time with the family and watch a little football. That’s kind of a tradition, right, on Thanksgiving?

Heather: Exactly. I love Thanksgiving because it is really just about hanging out with your family and watching football. Truthfully, what can be better than that? Eating some good food and watching the sport we love. And there’s no stress in it because the Colts aren’t playing. That’s the other thing I’m thankful for, I get to watch other teams play, make fun of other teams and not worry that I have a vested interest in anything that’s happening on the field on Thursday.

Phil B: Let’s look back. I know we’ve been through this before. Everybody panicked for a half. Twitter blew up. The defense kept doing its thing and the offense got it in gear and Jacksonville was put away 23-3. I’ve heard people were discouraged by that game, that they didn’t take anything positive away from it. I guess I didn’t overreact. I thought the defense needed a bounce-back game, it got it, and that’s all that mattered.

Heather: I’ll be honest, the first half didn’t leave a lot to feel good about. That’s really one of those rare halves where you can say very little went right.

Phil B: Come on, what part of five sacks allowed and three fumbles lost isn’t to like?

Heather: I kept saying for a while that the only person that was going to have a good day was beer guy at Lucas Oil Stadium. I’m telling you, that first half, people were getting up more than I’ve seen them get up the entire season. It was, ‘Woah, time to drink.’ It was bad, but it’s funny, too, what perspective it gives you. Even leaving there, I still felt like, ‘Woah, we won that, but boy was that ugly.’ But you do have to put it into perspective. I think the defense really stepped it up. The offensive line, they had some things going on there, I don’t even know what was going on truthfully, they had some people in and out. All I know, in the second half they looked a lot better. I know I told you before we played Jacksonville the first time, once a year that team gives us trouble. People made fun of me last time because I kept saying, ‘Don’t treat them like a cupcake team. You don’t know what they can do.’ They came up and in the first half, the Jaguars definitely challenged the Colts. And they have a history of doing that.

Phil B: Nobody gives you a hard time. Who gives you a hard time? Name them right now. We will go after them.

Heather: People laughed when I said, ‘You never know with the Jaguars.’ I usually think it happens when we go down there and we don’t expect it and it’s more toward the end of the season and we don’t think there’s nothing in it for them anymore and all of a sudden they come out much stronger than we expected. This time, it happened up here. I know you’ve said this before, you can’t look at the Colts and be upset when you look at a team like the Jaguars and think, ‘Not only do they have problems but they don’t have things to feel good about down the road, either.’ You know with the Colts, if they can iron out some mistakes and iron out some problems, there’s a load of talent on this team. When you look at the Jaguars, you can’t really say that. And another team who is coming in here with some problems is this Sunday. And the funny thing about that is you can line up the Redskins next to the Colts and track what’s happened since that infamous draft when we took Andrew Luck and they took RGIII and, wow, you’re talking about two teams moving in totally different directions at this point.

Phil B: And I’ve got to be honest. I’m really, really disappointed that RGIII lost his starting job. I wanted to see Luck beat him.

Heather: I hear a lot of people saying that on Twitter. That first season, Andrew Luck and RGIII played each other in the preseason. Yeah, it would have been nice to see that first real showdown between those two. But then again I also think to myself, the way things have gone for the Redskins this season, it probably wasn’t going to be much of a showdown anyway. And truthfully, look at Colt McCoy. He went down and shocked the Dallas Cowboys. This is another one where you have to say, you never know what’s going to happen. Colt McCoy is coming in here and he is starting and he wants to keep that job bad. Again, don’t let you guard down because it’s Colt McCoy. Sadly, no, we’re not going to get an Andrew Luck-RGIII showdown.

Phil B: I can hear people right now. They’re going to give you a hard time. Really, Heather? You’re going to tell us to beware of Colt McCoy? Are you kidding me?

Heather: Here’s the thing? How much football have you watched this year? Every single week, some team gets stunned by another team that supposedly doesn’t have anything. Truthfully, I don’t think the Colts really need that motivation. After the last few games, the Colts have enough stuff that they want to go out and improve on no matter what. I don’t think they need the motivation to watch out for a young quarterback who wants a roster spot. The motivation for the Colts right now is let’s clean up some of the stuff and continue get ourselves ready for January.

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