Q&A: Outside linebacker Erik Walden

His two young children are all about iPad 'apps,' and Walden doesn't take it easy on them when they play video games.

Indianapolis Colts outside linebacker Erik Walden recently chatted with Phillip B. Wilson about how Walden’s two young children are enthralled with playing video games on their iPads.

Phil B:What would you like to talk about? Do you try to explain football to your kids?

Erik: Pretty much no. We don’t really allow our kids to watch a lot of television. They’re on their iPads a lot. I have to get ‘em a football game, a soccer game.

Phil B: You’ve got two kids?

Erik: A 3-year-old, Kylie, and 5-year-old son, Erik Jr.

Phil B: And Erik was sleeping when you got thrown out of the Bengals game?

Erik: Yeah, he was tired.

Phil B: But sleeping during a game?

Erik: He will go to sleep. Sometimes they stay up, but normally both of them don’t stay up. Usually, one or the other go to sleep.

Phil B: I don’t know how you sleep with all of those people in the stadium.

Erik: I don’t know. He was knocked out, gone to the world. My little girl, she was wired the whole time. If they both stay up the whole game, then they crash.

Phil B: So they’re into iPad games?

Erik: Apps. We download any of the free apps so they can play.

Phil B: Do you ever try to play games with them?

Erik: Yeah, I play a little football, a little soccer, whatever.

Phil B: How are you with them? Do you let them win?

Erik: No, absolutely not. They’ve got to learn the hard way.

Phil B: So you try to beat them?

Erik: I do. They’ve got to learn some way.

Phil B: Do they give you a hard time about it.

Erik: They know what time it is. I let ‘em know. I’m trying to win. A 3-year-old, 5-year-old, I’m trying to win, whatever. I’m trying to instill that in them early. It’s all about winning. Don’t be a sore loser, but it’s all about winning. (Hearty laugh.)

Phil B: Do you have a favorite app?

Erik: No not really. My favorite apps are for my banking statements, you know, Wells Fargo, Chase, I try to keep up with those. (Laughs.)

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