Q&A: Offensive guard Jack Mewhort

Rookie loves to get away from NFL reality and watch movies.

Indianapolis Colts rookie offensive left guard Jack Mewhort recently shared his cinematic interests with Phillip B. Wilson.

Phil B: What do you do to clear your head from football?

Jack: Relax and watch movies. I’m a big movie buff.

Phil B: Really? I love talking movies.

Jack: Honestly, I see every movie that comes out.

Phil B: So you’re more of a new movie guy?

Jack: No, I like ’80s movies. I don’t go too far back. I’m not a black-and-white movie guy. I grew up and my dad always had good Kevin Costner movies going, like Now Way Out. In the ’80s, I liked the Brat Pack movies, like Sixteen Candles, Weird Science, Revenge of the Nerds, the old funny movies all the way up to Gladiator and Patriot, the stuff that comes out today. I like a good story.

Phil B: Kind of cool when Mel Gibson gets the hatchet out in Patriot.

Jack: Yeah, that’s intense. They called him ‘The Ghost.’

Phil B: Yeah, he was ‘The Ghost’ before T.Y. Hilton. So do you have favorites or a favorite?

Jack: My No. 1 movie of all time is Gladiator. Any time that’s on TV, I watch it. I could watch it a million times and it’s still never old for me. I love it.

Phil B: You know Gladiator was on the other night.

Jack: Yeah, it’s always on. That’s what is great about it.

Phil B: What’s the last good movie you saw?

Jack: I saw Gone Girl, I liked that. It’s a good one.

Phil B: Haven’t seen that yet. I want to.

Jack: Check it out. If you have to see one, that’s what you should see. That will make you question everything you know about girls, but it’s good.

Phil B: I’m 49 and have been divorced once, so I’m up on that. You know when Andrew Luck got here, he was asked a movie he liked and he said Love Actually.

Jack: Really. Which one is that?

Phil B: It’s with Hugh Grant and a bunch of hotties.

Jack: A chick flick?

Phil B: No, the hotties are pursued by the men.

Jack: It’s a pretty good film? I’ll have to see that one.

Phil B: Have you seen Fury yet?

Jack: Yeah, I have. It’s good. There’s not much to it. It’s exactly what you think it’s going to be.

Phil B: It’s tank battles and camaraderie inside the tank.

Jack: It’s a solid movie, though. I liked it.

Phil B: It reminded me a little bit of Kelly’s Heroes and some of the ’60s and ’70s Army movies. Tank battles. Patton even.

Jack: Patriotic.

Phil B: I like war movies and am a sucker for westerns. What is it about movies the grab our senses and take us out of everything that we’re absorbed in? For a guy like you, a rookie in the NFL, pressure and stress, what you’ve got to learn, whether you make a mistake or did well, and then you just escape for two or three hours?

Jack: Yeah, that’s what’s great about it. Who doesn’t love a good story? A well-made movie is exactly that, something that can take you out of it and help you relax a little bit, get your mind off what’s stressing you out so you have a renewed energy toward whatever you’re doing when you go back to it. That’s why in my spare time, I’m a big movie guy.

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