Q&A: Wide receiver Donte Moncrief

Rookie pass catcher admits he's a diehard sneakerhead with more than 100 pairs of trendy shoes, mostly Air Jordans.

Indianapolis Colts rookie wide receiver Donte Moncrief recently shared with Phillip B. Wilson his affinity for sneakers. He’s a self-professed sneakerhead, and not the only one.

Phil B: This is an off-the-field chat. Tell us something fun or interesting about yourself.

Donte: For me, it would be shoes. I’m a shoe freak.

Phil B: Really? Tell me about it.

Donte: Yeah, man, I’m real bad with shoes.

Phil B: Like you’ve got tons of them?

Donte: (Air) Jordans, I’m just a sneakerhead. Anything that comes out, I’ve got to get it.

Phil B: Why is that?

Donte: I don’t know, man. I just fell in love with shoes.

Phil B: Because of when you were a kid?

Donte: Growing up, it was kind of rough. We didn’t get all the shoes that we wanted. So once I was able to get the shoes I wanted, it just got bad. From that point on, I’ve been getting every kind of shoes that I wanted.

Phil B: What’s the best pair that you have?

Donte: The best pair I have are probably the Ray Allen Jordan 11s.

Phil B: Ray Allen got his name on Jordans?

Donte: Yeah, nice. Gold, red and white.

Phil B: I saw LeBron James last year and he had like this gold Lion head on his shoes.

Donte: Yeah, he’s got nice shoes. I’ve got a lot of LeBrons also.

Phil B: You’ve seen those, too?

Donte: Oh yeah. There’s a lot of things going on with sneakers right now, man. There’s a lot of people who are sneakerheads, so you’ve got to come out with more stuff to get people to buy.

Phil B: Your’e smiling. How many pairs of sneakers do you own?

Donte: Close to 105.

Phil B: You own 105 pair? Not that you’re counting.

Donte: Nah, I don’t count. But it’s close to that.

Phil B: So you might not get around to wearing a pair …

Donte: For a long, long, long time. Yeah. And I can’t miss any pair or Jordans that come out, I’ve got to get ‘em.

Phil B: Jordans? Are they all Jordans or most of them?

Donte: Most of them are Jordans, 80 percent of them are Jordans.

Phil B: What are you wearing now?

Donte: Jordan 10s.

Phil B: Those are your casual walk-around Jordans?

Donte: Yeah, just to walk around.

Phil B: Because you’ve probably got different shoes for different things?

Donte: Yeah, got to.

Phil B: So if you’re going out and you want to look stylish?

Donte: When I go out and want to look stylish, I probably put on the 4s, Jordan 4s.

Phil B: What do you wear on Christmas?

Donte: Christmas, I probably wear the Jordan 5s.

Phil B: If you’re clubbing with the fellas?

Donte: The fellas, probably wear the Foams, the Penny Hardaway Foams.

Phil B: So you’ve got it all. Does anybody in the locker room tease you about it?

Donte: No, there’s a lot of sneakerheads in here. Jonathan Newsome is a sneakerhead. ‘Boom’ (Dan Herron) is a sneakerhead. There’s a lot of sneakerheads. Ricky Jean (Francois) is a bad sneakerhead, also.

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