Q&A: Tight end Jack Doyle

Hometown hero's huge family provides a loud and proud cheering section for Colts games at Lucas Oil Stadium.

Indianapolis Colts tight end Jack Doyle is living his childhood dream of playing in his hometown. The former Cathedral High School star chatted recently with Phillip B. Wilson about having a rather large family cheering section.

Phil B: Talk to me about something off the field. I’ve chatted with guys about a lot of different subjects. Being this nice, clean-cut, All-American Hoosier, give me something.

Jack: I guess the most unique thing is how big a family I have that’s here.

Phil B: How big is it?

Jack: It’s a very big family.

Phil B: That’s good. Let us count the numbers. How many people?

Jack: Everyone is still here. My mom, Nancy, grew up with five sisters. My dad, John, he has three sisters and a brother. Then there are a ton of cousins, ton of second cousins, ton of third cousins, and everyone is still pretty close and keeps in contact.

Phil B: You have these big family reunions in the summer? How many people are there?

Jack: Probably the most recent one on my mom’s side was last Thanksgiving. At least 100, I couldn’t even put a number on it.

Phil B: Really?

Jack: Just a ton of people who are still local and have stayed close. I’m kind of used to it my whole life, but it’s something my fiancée is like, ‘Wow, that’s really cool and really unique to have that big of a family and be so close to everybody.’ Yeah, it’s really cool. You go around this city, I’m related to everyone. That’s another thing my fiancée always jokes about, ‘You had to marry someone from out of town because you would have married a cousin if you stayed in town.’

Phil B: Nice. What’s your fiancée’s name?

Jack: Casie Williford.

Phil B: Do you tell her right up front, when this process gets serious, ‘Baby, you don’t have to worry about remembering everybody’s name?’ Or do you just tell her which names she needs to remember?

Jack: Yeah, she’s a very organized person and likes to have the numbers out in front of her. She does very good with learning everyone’s name and following along with the stories from my aunts and my cousins.

Phil B: So it’s a pretty big cheering section?

Jack: Oh, geez, yeah, beyond a big cheering section. I have a great following and it’s awesome. That’s why it is such a blessing to be here obviously. They have 10 times more fun with it than I do, and that’s how it should be.

Phil B: Did you gain any family members since you made it in the NFL? Some real distant cousins?

Jack: It’s crazy how maybe someone I didn’t know or met when I was 3, my mom still knows ‘em and stayed in contact. It’s just amazing that everyone is still around the Indianapolis area.

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