Colts fans 'rep' for team in Denver

It's not easy going on the road in the NFL. Fans can be harsh. But four Colts fans showed their pride Sunday in Denver.

DENVER -- In a sea of orange, they stood out.

Indianapolis Colts fans Ross Miller, Greg Bratton, Ashleigh Iverson and Mike Smith didn’t mind the occasional taunt or trash talk from Denver Broncos fans on Sunday morning.

They were glad they could get together and cheer for their team in the AFC Divisional playoff game at Sports Authority Field at Mile High.

Indiana University’s Alumni Association brought them together. And they were confident the Colts, although seven-point underdogs, could pull off the upset of the Broncos.

And about that Peyton Manning guy …

As Iverson said, “He’s had his chance.” They think it’s Andrew Luck’s time.

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