How about NFL teams going for 9?

Colts' proposal for preseason would add 50-yard field goal try for one point if a two-point conversion is successful after a touchdown. Pitch will be made at NFL Annual Meeting.

The Indianapolis Colts are looking to field an explosive offense in 2015, so how about the option of going for nine points?

Don’t laugh. The Colts are actually pitching a playing rule proposal at next week’s NFL Annual Meeting in Phoenix to give teams the chance at a one-point bonus 50-yard field goal try if successful on a two-point conversion after a touchdown, according to

The experiment, if approved, would be tried out in preseason. The Web site reported a comment from St. Louis Rams head coach and Competition Committee member Jeff Fisher during an NFL Annual Meeting conference call Wednesday, saying it was the first time he could remember a proposal for a “significant change in our scoring.”

The idea is being pitched to make comebacks more feasible — a nine-point game would still be a one-score game and a 17- or 18-point deficit would be a two-score game, the site explained.

It’s one of three suggestions the Colts will offer for a possible vote, although proposals are often tabled when owners, general managers and head coaches convene, the team’s Web site reports.

Twenty-three playing rule proposals are expected, 18 submitted by teams, five submitted by the Competition Committee, four bylaw proposals and one resolution to amend language in the league’s Retractable Roof Policy submitted by the Colts.

The amendment would allow teams using retractable roof stadiums, such as the Colts’ Lucas Oil Stadium, to have the option of opening the roof at halftime if weather improves during the course of a game. The idea is to “enhance fan experience,” according to a comment on the conference call cited by

NFL teams can currently close the roof in the middle of a game due to inclement weather, so changing the policy would provide room to switch in the opposite situation. Teams must currently determine if the roof will be open or not no later than 90 minutes before kickoff.

The option to open the roof at halftime would need to be properly submitted 90 minutes before the game and then followed through if the weather changes enough to satisfy condition regulations with five minutes remaining in the second quarter.

The other Colts’ playing rule proposal would change the rule on coaches’ challenges so an unsuccessful challenge would not cost a team a timeout. Teams would still get two challenges and if successful on those challenges a third one.

The Colts would also like to make reviewable by instant replay fouls against players in a defenseless posture. The change would enable the replay system to correct an officiating error when a penalty is erroneously called involving a defenseless player.

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