Colts pull April Fools uniform prank

In spirit of April Fools Day, team unveils 'all-white' uniforms.

The Indianapolis Colts displayed a sense of humor on April Fools Day.

Most fans quickly figured out a story, picture and video post to the team’s Web site at was all in good fun. The “new” uniforms were all white and supposedly planned for use next fall.

They were described as “Crisp. Clean. Simple.” The explanation: “For years, the Indianapolis Colts’ uniform has been a near constant, a tradition beloved by all Colts fans. The groundbreaking new uniform design maintains many of the same iconic elements, but with a twist representative of the new era of Colts football.”

The next part of the sales-pitch gag professed: “There is No ‘i’ in Team.” The explanation: “The new base uniform color is white. In that same color are accents that in the past have been rendered in Colts blue: both the stripes on the jersey and pants, numbers, etc. Though the colors are the same the shadows of the stitched elements add a subtle depth to the uniform. This strategy allows the individual to fade into the background and the unit as a whole to be seen.”

A video and photo gallery were then displayed for those so inclined to click.

Then the end of the story reminded everyone it’s April 1: “APRIL FOOLS!”

In all fairness, it wasn’t the worst April Fools Day gag on the Internet. One site proclaimed that Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning had been traded to the Oakland Raiders.

Now that’s funny.

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