Wilson's Word: Long wait until January

Today's sports world demands immediate satisfaction, but patience should be required when assessing Colts' direction.

We’ll see, come January.

That’s about the most succinct summation I can come up with after the Indianapolis Colts’ three days of drafting players to help make an expected Super Bowl contender worthy of such hype.

I’m not as quick to rush to judgment as the critical masses. Not that I’m oblivious to what people are saying out there. I’ve read the tweets and received a steady stream of emails the past 72 hours.

A lot of people were scratching their heads over Thursday’s choice of Miami wide receiver Phillip Dorsett with the 29th overall pick.

I was, too.

Nobody needs to remind me of New England. I’ve been there four times in January in my career. And you know what happened. Each time, the visitors were shown the door with a double-digit playoff loss.

So it’s a valid question that will continue to be asked: Should the Colts have drafted a speedy wide receiver instead of a defensive player that will immediately help the team finally get some payback from those Patriots?

My preference going in was to go defense, and I repeated that every time anyone asked. But I don’t run this football team. My job is to report what these guys say most of the time, then I throw my opinion in, for whatever it’s worth. Fans can choose to dismiss it or at least let the perspective settle for consideration.

That’s all I’m saying now.

Wait until January.

Then we’ll know for sure if all of this April talk was a pipe dream.

Lest anyone forget, the guys at West 56th Street do a bit more work on this than any of us. Sometimes, it’s misguided. Nobody’s perfect. But I’ll go out on a limb here and suggest they know a bit more about football than any of us.

When they really miss, they know it without being told. It’s usually obvious.

That’s why we should wait — granted, January is a long time — before suggesting the record could be skipping, there’s been too much deja vu, and perhaps it’s time for a change or two.

That’s the only way we’ll really know, unless of course the team falls apart in the regular season, which sure doesn’t seem likely considering the way general manager Ryan Grigson spent in free agency and then took a chance on Dorsett, who should be a nifty addition in the slot and on special teams.

People get a bit worked up every time owner Jim Irsay says something, but let’s be real. He’s going to sound like Kevin Bacon in Animal House right now. Remain calm. All is well.

Fans don’t want to hear that, of course. They want immediate action and decisive steps taken to make this team tougher and stronger for the long haul. They want to think they’re investing their money, or at the very least, part of their soul in a franchise that is destined for bigger and better things, if not the ultimate.

When that plan doesn’t go according to what the media and fans expect, it’s easy to react with, “These guys don’t know what the hell they’re doing!”

It’s too easy to criticize. Today’s sports world demands it from folks tapping the keyboards. Everyone expects immediate satisfaction.

So be it. I choose to be patient.

I’ll wait to be sure.

I admit I’m a bit nervous about Dorsett because he’s a small guy and they tend to get nicked up when making the NFL transition. That’s all it would take for most to go ballistic again on Twitter.

Dorsett is tied to this team’s future because of what so many think this team should have done. Even if he’s great, if the defense isn’t fixed, the pick wasn’t the smart move.

I hate sounding like a homer and have tried not to be that way for 16 years of covering this team. But for now, I’m going to chill.

I’m going to take a breath, or two, or three.

And with everyone else, we’ll watch closely how this team evolves through offseason training activities, mini camp and then training camp.

We will have a clearer indication of the Colts’ possibilities come August. We should know early on in the regular season if these guys have a chance to take that next playoff step.

But not until January will we be convinced. If it happens. When we see it.

If not, Irsay and everyone else will have a lot of explaining to do about why the Colts can’t build a defense and are wasting time in the Andrew Luck era.

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