Colts-Jets review: Still waiting on offense

Colts' surprising offensive funk continues in 20-7 loss to the Jets. Indy has scored a league-low 21 points in two double-digit losses.

Another week, another disappointing loss and inquiring minds are wondering when the Indianapolis Colts’ offense will start scoring points.

That’s the last thing we thought would be a concern entering the season.

Here’s what stood out from taking a second look at the Colts’ 20-7 home loss to the New York Jets on Monday Night:

* Starting on a positive note, Colts nose tackle David Parry gets great penetration inside and defensive tackle Henry Anderson makes the possession-ending stop on a third-and-1 rush.

* It didn’t take long to notice offensive left guard Lance Louis for the wrong reason. He gives up a pressure on first down and a hurried Andrew Luck misses an open T.Y. Hilton.

* Tight end Coby Fleener had a great outside block on Frank Gore’s 12-yard rush that was negated by an Anthony Castonzo holding penalty.

* We’ve seen this highlight enough now, but the Colts don’t have anyone to pick up the outside blitz when Luck is intercepted the first time. He sees it coming, tries to stand in there and throw a strike to Andre Johnson, but it’s off the mark, tipped, interception.

* Colts defense almost forced the Jets to settle for a field goal, but cornerback Vontae Davis held Brandon Marshall in the back of the end zone. And it was an obvious call. That gives the Jets another set of downs and they come after Davis again as Eric Decker cuts inside of the tight end to catch the TD pass. Surprised Davis was playing off as much as he was. Perhaps it was due to the holding penalty.

* Wide receiver Donte Moncrief has the most jump of the Colts pass catchers. Luck finds him open as Moncrief beats Antonio Cromartie for a first down.

* Gore shows his keen instinctual nature in cutting back left on an 18-yard rush.

* After watching the tackle-eligible play again, Joe Reitz wasn’t as open as it originally appeared. A defender was drifting back and another was trailing him. Still don’t care for the second-and-2 call when a struggling offense needs points.

Adam Vinatieri last missed a field goal inside of 30 yards in 2007? Yeah, I was there for that one, too. They would have won at San Diego despite Peyton Manning throwing six interceptions.

* Anderson is credited with his first NFL sack when Ryan Fitzpatrick cuts his losses and hits the deck before being tackled. Anderson has been playing so well, he deserves it.

* Another Jets blitz, this time two defenders, Luck is hit and throws incomplete. This won’t stop until the Colts prove they can block it up. It’s called maximum protection.

* Colts don’t bring extra pressure and Fitzpatrick converts on third-and-8 pass to Decker. Surprised the Colts aren’t being more aggressive up front.

* Davis with a heads-up tip and safety Mike Adams comes down with the interception, easily the best play by the Colts defense so far.

* Jets blitz on third-and-1 pass play and Luck can’t connect with Johnson, who is covered by Antonio Cromartie. Not enough separation there. Johnson has had this problem a few times, which is why some are questioning if the 34-year-old wide receiver is too old.

* Say this for Davis, he suffers his concussion after delivering a nasty shot on Jets running back Bilal Powell. Colts cornerback hit him so hard, he knocked himself woozy.

* Outside linebacker Trent Cole hasn’t been noticed enough. Jumping offside before third-and-9 play isn’t the kind of impact the Colts need.

* Outside linebacker Erik Walden almost had an interception on third-down pass. That would have saved points. Jets kick a field goal for a 10-0 lead.

* The down side to Luck not sliding is when he gets hit and fumbles. Sometimes the competitive juices just won’t allow him to give up on a play.

* Jets blitz three guys this time, and the Colts pick it up. But Luck throws a high ball, hoping rookie Phillip Dorsett will adjust to it and run the pass down. That doesn’t happen.

* Outside linebacker Robert Mathis smells third-and-10 draw and makes the tackle.

* Colts shut out in first half for second consecutive game. Last time that happened was 1997.

* Colts are 0-for-6 on third down.

* Then, just like that, the team seems to recover with its best drive of the game. They convert five third downs, starting with a third-and-8 pass to Moncrief to beat a Jets blitz.

* Jets defensive tackle Leonard Williams abuses Louis, just shoves guard aside, to force a Luck incomplete pass.

* Moncrief is open again to convert a third down. Colts beat the Jets blitz again.

* Gore hits it up hard inside to convert a third-and-2 rush.

* Just when everything is clicking, Gore fumbles on third-and-goal run at the Jets’ 1. His instincts were to cut outside with so many bodies bunched inside, and it sure looks like he would have scored had he not dropped the ball. Maybe he was switching hands with it, who knows. It’s just an awful way to give away such a much-needed touchdown.

* Say this for the defense, the Colts force the Jets into a three-and-out after the game-changing turnover.

* Luck is hit as he throws, ball flutters to — who else? — Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis, who adds an interception to his two fumbles.

* When the Colts finally do make another play on offense, its gets wiped out again. Luck scrambles for a first down but tight end Jack Doyle is flagged for holding. Watching it again, sure didn’t look like much of a hold.

* Dorsett was literally ignored on his 25-yard reception. Revis appeared to be more concerned with another Colts target in the slot and ran after him, leaving Dorsett alone.

* Moncrief beats Cromartie and then uses his speed to turn the pass play into a 26-yard touchdown. Second-year wide receiver faked an outside move and cut inside to get free.

* Down 10-7, the home team needs a stop, but can’t get it. An inexperienced secondary can’t play bump-and-run or zone against the Jets receivers, who have additional time to get open because the Colts pass rush isn’t getting to Fitzpatrick.

* Marshall delivers the dagger, catching a touchdown pass after cornerback Jalil Brown held him.

* One more time, Luck is hit as he throws and is intercepted. He was looking again for Johnson.

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