Rookie Phillip Dorsett's first TD ball goes to dad

Long before the moment arrived, Phillip Dorsett Sr. asked his son for the football from the Colts wide receiver's first NFL touchdown.

Dad asked for that ball in advance.

Indianapolis Colts rookie wide receiver Phillip Dorsett said his father of the same name put in the request after the son was drafted in the first round in April. Phillip Dorsett Sr. wanted the football from his son's first NFL touchdown.

In Week 3 at Tennessee, the Colts' fourth-quarter comeback started with Dorsett's much-anticipated score. Lined up in the slot, Dorsett ran past the defender and was wide open deep. Mindful of a closing safety over top, quarterback Andrew Luck underthrew the pass. The defender's head was turned as he tried to catch up. Dorsett was able to come back and haul it in for a 35-yard touchdown play.

"He asked me, actually, honestly," Dorsett said of why his dad gets the ball. "He's like, 'When you get your first touchdown, just promise me your'e going to give me the ball.' I said, 'Oh, you can have it.'"

The rookie says he wasn't worried about when that moment would arrive - "When it comes, it comes" - although it's fair to say Colts fans were anxious to see him make a play play. And because he doesn't get too excited about keepsakes, he didn't mind honoring his dad's request.

"It don't really mean that much to me," he said of the ball. "He can definitely have it. It means more to him than it means to me."

Dorsett bought a case for it, too. And his father knows not to take the ball out of the case and throw it around.

"Yeah, his day is over," he said. "He's not going to play with it."

And what about mom?

"She didn't ask for anything," he said. "She wouldn't know what to do with it."

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