UpChuck anyone? Fans offer names for Colts' trick play

An overnight uproar over the Colts' colossal blunder of a trick play suggests it might never be forgotten. Call it whatever you want.

How will we ever forget the Indianapolis Colts’ backfiring, ill-conceived, poorly communicated, misaligned, monumentally costly trick play in Sunday night's 34-27 loss to the Patriots?

In case you haven't seen it, here's an amusing Tecmo Super Bowl recreation.

Not that it needs a name to be remembered, but “awful trick play” doesn’t sing.

When in doubt, turn to social media to ask fans to get creative. As usual, they didn’t disappoint. Head coach Chuck Pagano received a lot of references.

Here’s what fans offered, with apologies to those who gave profane suggestions. Can’t print those, but appreciate the effort.

The Immaculate Deception.

The Immaculate Resignation.

The Immaculate Implosion.

Spider 2 Y Banana Peel.

Spider 2 Y Brain Fart.

Spider Y 2 Bonehead.



Cluster Funt.

Cluster Punt.

Rhymes with Spit.

We Are The Chumpions.



The Fourth Down Faux Pas.

Horse Feathers.

The Pink Slip.

9 Right 2 Naked Short Bus.

Fourth and Doh!


UpChuck on the Carpet.


The Heimlich.

Fail Mary.

You Gotta Be Punting Kidding Me.

Chuck Pagano’s ‘Playoffs !?!?’ Moment.

A Whale(n) of a Fall.

Flake Punt.

Indianapolis Fire Drill.

What the Funt!

Fudged Puck.

Just Don’t Snap It.

Fourth and Dumb.

Fourth and Fail.

Snap and Crap.

The WildCrap Formation.

No Punt Intended.


C’Mon Man!


The Obliteration.

What The Chuck?

What The Chuck Was That?

Quandary on the 37.


Pagano’s Last Stand.

The Gelding Maneuver (Turns Colts offenses impotent).

Bonehead Punt.

The Annexation of Uncle Rico.


Soup Sandwich.

4th and Rolling Ball of Butcher Knives.

4th and Keep Chopping Wood.

4th and Yadda, Yadda, Yadda.

4th and WHAT IS THAT?

4th and Dumb.

4th and …

4th and NOOOOO!

4th and 3.

Punter’s Last Stand.

No Regrets.

No FuntIn Way.

The Old Picket Flinch.

Let’s 86 the Coach.

Miscommunication on 2.

The Griffed Punt.

The Griff Whiff.

Whiff Whalen.

Tempest in a Teapot.

The Griffer Gaffe.


The Silly Snap.

Turnover on D’Oh-wns.

The Inaccurate Deception.

The Swinging Whalen — 30-for-30, “What if I told you Griff Whalen and Colt Anderson combined for the most memorable blunder …”

The Butch and Sundance.


Open The Doors For Harbaugh and Gruden Play.

The Whalenator.

The Swinging Hate.

The Toilet Overflow.



A Major Chuck Up.

Why Formation.

Lucy Dupes Charlie (Chuck) Brown Play.

Richard Nixon Special.

Chuck’s Finale.

The Swinging Fate (of Chuck Pagano).

The Fake Affront.

The Cringing Gate.




Insane Gate.

Fornication Formation.

5 on 2.



Two + Two Before.

Dude … Where’s My Ball?


Would’ve, Could’ve, Shouldn’tve.

Yada Yada Nada.

Lucas Oil Lapse.

Boston Cremed Pie on 2.

This Is Going To Leave a Mark!!

Snap Daggit!

Chuckle’s Swan Song.

Onside Punt.

Bag of Hammers.

Coyote Ugly.

The Hindenburg.

Punt Dumb at the Drum.

Hey, Watch This!

The Farce Awakens.

LOL (Lucas Oil Ludicrous).

Deflated Line on Two! Ready! Break! (Special thanks to Curt Schilling for this one!)

The Stupidest Football Play in the History of the Known Universe.

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