Colts Still Need Major Help From Others For Playoff Shot

It's not enough for Colts to win and Texans to lose. Colts need outcomes of several games to win strength of schedule tiebreaker.

The Indianapolis Colts will have to root for several other teams, starting with Denver on Monday night, to open a door for a possible playoff berth via tiebreaker in what sure seems like an unlikely scenario.

Because the Colts (7-8) and Houston Texans (8-7) both won Sunday, the help would need to come in the form of a strength of schedule tiebreaker. And that help includes Monday night, when the Broncos must win at home against Cincinnati.

If that happens, the slim chance survives to Week 17. That’s when the Colts must defeat the Tennessee Titans (2-13) at home and need the Texans to lose at home to the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Even if that happens, and both AFC South Division teams are 8-8, this is where the scenario gets even more complicated. 

The Colts would then need the Dolphins to defeat the Patriots, the Falcons to defeat the Saints, the Ravens to defeat the Bengals, the Raiders to defeat the Chiefs, the Steelers to defeat the Browns, the Bills to defeat the Jets and the Broncos to defeat the Chargers.

Yeah, pretty thin.

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