Colts GM: Andrew Luck Is 'Fine'

Franchise quarterback is sticking to offseason rehabilitation plan, but assures he's feeling 'very good' and excited about new season.

Indianapolis Colts general manager Ryan Grigson met with reporters Wednesday to discuss the upcoming NFL draft, but he thought it necessary to provide clarity to the speculated health of quarterback Andrew Luck.

Grigson evidently didn’t care for the trending stories stemming from Luck’s Monday interview on the first day of offseason training activities. While Luck assured he feels “good,” he politely declined to divulge too many specifics on his recovery from a lacerated kidney and partially torn abdominal muscle.

Asked a series of pointed questions, Luck assured he’s “fine” and participated in strength and conditioning without limitations, but also conceded he’s not yet where he wants to be from a health standpoint.

So media reports focused on how Luck is not yet healthy, as if to speculate this could be an ongoing issue, although training camp is still three months away.

When the topic of Luck came up with Grigson, he interjected before a question could be asked.

“Let me cut you off,” the general manager said. “He’s fine, alright? He’s fine. He’s fine. He’s fine.”

Grigson reiterated what Luck had said two days earlier about a gradual rehabilitation process. Luck missed the final seven games of the regular season with the kidney and abdominal muscle issue, but he had previously missed two games with shoulder and rib injuries.

“We had a process that he was to follow in the offseason,” Grigson said. “Coach (Chuck Pagano), myself, (owner) Mr. Jim Irsay was privy to it. He’s just meticulously, in an Andrew Luck type way, going through his rehab and strengthening program to a T. He is going to be fine.”

Luck is expected to cash in with a contract extension in the neighborhood of $25 million per year this summer; Irsay has said he’d like the deal to be done by July 4th. So questions will continue to be asked about his health until someone says he’s 100 percent and ready to go.

“Yeah, I feel very good,” Luck said, in his opening remarks. “I feel like rolling around, running around and having fun.”

When Pagano and Luck were providing weekly injury updates on the quarterback in the last two months of 2015, they focused on the lacerated kidney. Luck held out hope he could return, but Pagano reiterated the passer wouldn’t play again until he was 100 percent.

Asked specially about the kidney injury Monday, Luck smiled and said, “Yes, it’s fine.” Asked about his throwing shoulder, he said, “It is feeling very good, yes.”

NFL players are typically not where they would prefer to be when rehabilitating an injury in the offseason. The routine is different, so Luck’s answer about if he’s as healthy as he can be was to be expected.

“No, I still l have some work to do certainly,” he said. “That being said, you’re always working to get better. You’re always working to feel better. You’re always working to be in better shape, to be more physically fit, so that’s still a process.

“It’s been a process that we laid down basically that first week after the season ended with our trainers and PT’s, the coaches and myself. We said, ‘Alright, here’s the plan. Here’s the plan basically until training camp starts and let’s follow this plan.’ It’s been a great plan so far. I feel really, really good.”

When asked if he would be limited in any way when the team got on the field and he started throwing, Luck smiled again and said, “I don’t have to answer that question now because we’re not on the field.” He chuckled and added, “I wish I had a crystal ball and had all the answers for you.”

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