Welcome to ColtPower!

Welcome to the new home of ColtPower.com, home of "The Greatest Fans" since 1999! With this move, we are proud to provide you with the complete Colts fan experience at one site. Take a look at what we have in store for you.

Since our launch on December 19, 1999 ColtPower has gone through a number of changes. What began as a site with voluntary fan columnists and an active fan forum community eventually gave way to more focus on the fan interaction portion of the site. We stopped writing news and articles and became a members-only fan community. Over 270 fans joined that exclusive membership base, enjoying the Colts-fan only interaction in an atmosphere built on mutual respect.

And now, we take another step forward in our evolution. ColtPower will now provide the complete fan experience for fans of the Indianapolis Colts.

To enjoy what we will bring you from this day forward, you would have to visit multiple sites. And in some cases, you won't be able to find what ColtPower offers anywhere else. ColtPower will become your one-stop site for news, commentary, analysis, insight, and entertainment. And you get to choose what types of fan forums you prefer -- heavily moderated, off topic areas or even smack talk. The new ColtPower Message Board has them all so that every Colts fan can gather here. You'll be able to find the top stories from around the web through our newswire -- updated throughout the day and evening, not just in the morning. And to top it off, we'll provide you with the reference areas you need to stay on top of the trends, the standings, player moves, and more.

We've assembled a group of sportswriters and news reporters to provide you with a depth of analysis and commentary that you won't find elsewhere. Sure, some newspaper sites write news stories about the Colts but they usually scratch the surface, providing you with news bits and some quotes. But they won't dig for the details, break down the game tape, review the team and player stats and scout the opponents like the group of writers that have signed on as part of the ColtPower team:

  • John Cimasko is the star and host of WIBC Radio's Jersey Johnny Show. John is a published sportswriter with columns previously featured in the Indianapolis Star. He'll provide you with his unique commentary and will keep you posted on interesting information he learns through his interviews and contacts with Colts personnel.
  • Jerry Langton is also well known to ColtPower fans. As a former editor for the New York Daily News, Jerry's detailed analysis of player talent reaches beyond the Colts and into the college ranks as well. He'll also be fielding questions from our fans as a regular feature at ColtPower.
  • Brent Foshee has published numerous articles while working with the NFL Experts at Scout.com. Brent's knowledge of the teams from across the NFL will bring insight to you each week on the Colts' upcoming opponent. And he'll review game tape to open your eyes to aspects of the previous week's game that you may have missed.
  • Ed Thompson is a former sportswriter for the Gettysburg Times and has published articles at a number of pro and college team websites prior to launching ColtPower.com. I'll be focusing primarily on analysis and information, digging below the surface to provide you with the details about your favorite team that your friends won't know. And I'll join Brent in breaking down the game tape -- but from a different angle.
  • Al Uhrich has been known to ColtPower fans as "Tony Clifton" for a number of years, providing more belly laughs and giggles than anyone else in our community of fans. Al will focus on commentary and fan question columns that will feature his unique brand of zany humor as he talks about the Colts and their rivals.
  • At the core of ColtPower's success is the group of fans that I have always referred to as "The Greatest Fans" for it is through their participation that our community has grown over the past five years. They've gotten to know each other so well, and yet continue to greet every new fan with open arms. They've organized the "ColtPower Tailgaters" prior to each home game so that they could get to know each other up close and personal rather than just through cyberspace. And this site will continue to be about them....and for them.

    Scout.com now provides ColtPower fans with more complete information than they have had access to in one location in the history of our site. Take a look around at the free agency and draft information they provide as examples. Then visit the NFL Experts site and other team sites with great fan communities like ours such as the Browns, Ravens, Packers, and even (gulp!) the Patriots. So far the other AFC South teams are a bit sparsely represented but perhaps with ColtPower now in the network they will soon follow.

    Analysis, commentary, entertainment, round-the-clock news updates, team information, resources, league-wide articles, Associated Press and Getty Images photos, and a variety of message board options to serve "The Greatest Fans." ColtPower is proud to bring you the complete fan experience for Colts fans.

    To our existing fans, we hope you will enjoy your new home.

    And to those of you new to ColtPower, we welcome you.

    Be sure to register to use our Message Boards, and subscribe to ColtPower so you can take advantage of all of the great information and stories from around the network. We're glad you have joined us at our new home.

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