Living out the dream

ColtPower's John Cimasko, also known as "Jersey Johnny" the sports talk show host at WIBC Radio, will be reporting live from the Colts media room this weekend. Be sure to check our home page and in the forums for updates!

Draft Day Weekend. I don't know where you'll be watching it from, but I'll be lucky enough to be at W.56th Street. That's right; the Union Federal Football Center, the home of our Indianapolis Colts. And when I say lucky, believe me, I mean it. Lucky enough to be living out the dream of tens of thousands of Colts fans across this great land of ours.

Yes, I'll sitting there in the media room as Bill Polian tells us how the first round went exactly how he figured it would, and how their guy was fortunately still on the board when it was their pick. (Don't get me wrong; I like Polian and have a great respect for what he has done with this franchise). I'll be there as Saturday winds down, listening to Tony Dungy talk about what he saw in the players they drafted that convinced him that they could help his team take that next step.

So, how did I get so lucky? I'll keep it short. I came out to Indy in '88 to see a game, liked the city, got a job, packed it up and moved 700 miles west in the spring of '90.

Bingo, bango, I'm a Hoosier.

Funny thing is, if the NFL Ticket existed back then, I would probably still be back in the Garden State, not in the position that I am in. Sometimes I do believe that things happen for a reason.

A few years back, WIBC, then the flagship of the Colts, considered putting a couple of fans on the air following their post game show. I went in for an on air audition, and the next Sunday my co-host and I were in the studio, living a dream. The opportunity to be part of a radio show talking about the team that had pretty much controlled my life for 40 years; to take calls and discuss at length the Indianapolis Colts; I could do that all day for free. Actually that was what I was doing until then. Right place, right time. Lucky. Very lucky. But I must humbly say that I must be doing something right as the show is approaching its eight year anniversary. I did lose my partner along the way, but Jeff Burkett has stepped in nicely.

So with the show comes media credentials. With those credentials comes access to the complex on draft day. The opportunity to go to mini camp, to practices, post practice interviews, all that good stuff. Living a Colt fan's dream. I never forget just what an opportunity this is. That is the key word; opportunity. Whether it is the show, observing practice, talking to the mayor about the new facility and convention center expansion, it is all an opportunity. I try and make the most of it.

For the record, I liked this team when they played in Baltimore. I like this team as they play here in Indy. I like both cities. I was a huge Tom Matte fan, and I am a huge Edgerrin James fan.  I love going to the Indy 500, and I love eating flounder stuffed with crabmeat at the Inner Harbor.

I welcome you to tune into our show on Sunday evenings. You can pick up the webcast at And please feel free to email me at anytime with your thoughts, questions, concerns. I always welcome that.

You can listen to Jersey Johnny talk about the Colts and sports from 6-8 pm Sunday nights. Click this link to his page at WIBC and bookmark it as you can listen to his broadcast through WIBC's website.

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