Hunt's Addition Could Signal Change for Gandy

With the drafting of Rob Hunt out of North Dakota State in the fifth round and Jeff Saturday already entrenched as the Colts' starter at center, Dylan Gandy may be moving back to guard.

Fourth-round pick Dylan Gandy played center last season for Texas Tech, but with the Colts' selection of Rob Hunt out of North Dakota in the fifth round, the 304-lb Gandy is more likely to be competing for a spot at guard.

Rob Hunt is a pure center, starting all four years at the position at North Dakota State. A 6'3.5 301-pound blocker with 4.95 speed, he was an all-conference selection as a senior.

Hunt's another prospect for the Colts with huge upside potential. Athletic and durable, he positions himself well in the blocking scheme to use his mass as an obstacle to opposing rushers.

An intelligent player who recognizes the opponent's formations and calls out signals to his teammates on the line, Hunt is scrappy and uses his hands effectively to fend off attackers. 

Hunt will need to work on his lower body strength to avoid being pushed off his mark in the NFL. With some pointers from offensive line coach Howard Mudd, Hunt can build upon his excellent intangibles that led him to be recognized as his conference's offensive lineman of the year. At one point in his career, he played with a broken right hand and snapped the ball with his left hand.

In addition to being part of an offensive unit that posted an average of 378.5 yards per game, Hunt started every game during his senior year and did not allow a single sack or even a quarterback pressure from the defenders who worked against him. He also graded out at 93.5% in blocking efficiency that year.

With Gandy now apparently thrown into the mix for the guard position, it's not unreasonable to wonder if the Colts have some doubt about Tupe Peko's status as a starter. When training camp opens, don't be surprised if both guard positions are up for grabs.

TFY's Take: The 9th best center in this year's group, Hunt's a good-sized blocker with growth potential. He had a very productive college career and is a good developmental prospect for the next leve.

ColtPower's Take: With proper tutoring, Hunt has the ability to be a capable backup to Jeff Saturday. He has the physical size to be formidable at the center position, but he won't find it as easy to hold his ground without either more lower body strength or improved technique. He's got terrific ability, so it will be up to him to take his game to the next level based on what he can accomplish in training camp in those two key areas.

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