John Cimasko Interviews Analyst Colin Lindsay

ColtPower's John Cimasko interviewed Colin Lindsay of the Great Blue North Draft Report regarding the Colts' draft and their undrafted free agents. Find out why he thinks the Colts will still struggle to win the AFC Championship.

John Cimasko chatted with Colin Lindsay of the Great Blue North Draft Report ( during WIBC's The Jersey Johnny Show.

Lindsay commented on the Colts' unique approach to the draft.

"There seem to be 31 draft boards out there that follow a similar pattern and then you seem to have the Colts' board where they seem to go for smaller guys, quicker guys," said Lindsay. "We'll have to see how it works out."

The main reason for his skepticism is based on his assessment of the Colts' main competition for the AFC title in 2005.

"The road to the Super Bowl in the AFC goes through New England and Pittsburgh," he said. "And those are big, physical football teams. You have to have a certain amount of size and physicality, otherwise, they're going to beat you up. And I think that's the head scratcher at this point in time."

That said, Lindsay liked a number of the Colts' draft picks. Michigan's Marlin Jackson was a "great pick at that point in time. Alot of teams didn't even think he would last that long."

Lindsay commented that Jackson is a ball-hawker, and "he's got something that Colts secondary really needs, and that's size and physicality."

Of the corners who went in the first round, he rated him fourth overall in the draft.

Like many people, Lindsay was surprised that Illinois CB Kelvin Hayden was picked so high in this year's draft.

"I think he's got the physical talent, he said. "He has a nice size/speed ratio, but he's going to take some time to develop."

But Lindsay felt that an even more surprising pick was the Colts use of their 3rd-round selection on Vincent "Sweet Pea" Burns.

"He was kind of on the bubble as a late rounder," said Lindsay. "And you have to wonder about playing him at defensive tackle. He's not a 280-285 pound guy who has to add just 10 pounds -- he's got to add almost 30 pounds to play there."

Lindsay doesn't totally dismiss the pick though, noting that it may work out eventually for the Colts.

"But it was a puzzler taking a player in the third round with some awfully good players still on the board," he said. "And with that kind of risk associated with the change in position."

Defensive end Jonathan Welsh was a "value pick" and a "perfectly legitimate pick" at the point in time of the draft where the Colts snagged him.

"I don't think he's ever going to be an every down defensive player whether he plays linebacker of defensive end," he said. "I'm sure that what the Colts are looking at is a kind of a third-down pass-rushing type of guy, and in that position he could put on a few pounds."

Lindsay mentioned that eventually if Welsh shows enough agility, he could be developed into an outside linebacker.

And while the draft analyst didn't feel that the selection of Tyjaun Hagler was bad for where the Colts picked him, he doesn't see him as a middle linebacker candidate.

"We look at him more likely as an outside linebacker," said Lindsay. "He's the kind of guy who shows some ablity to get at the passer. But he's not a real instinctive player and he's undersized. In a 4-3 defense, that's pretty small for a middle linebacker."

Lindsay believes that Hagler will be best suited to help the Colts special teams this season with his speed.

John then asked Colin to shift his attention to the Colts' undrafted free agents.

"You do have a couple of players that are good football players, like that little receiver from Middle Tennessee State, Kerry Wright, who was one of the most productive receivers in college football," said Lindsay. "He could fit in as a #4 or #5 receiver. He's very fast, not very big, but an excellent receiver with good hands."

"Another guy I like is Darrell Reid, defensive end from Minnesota," he continued. "Not very big and not very fast, but a kind of guy who could help you out on third down."

The third undrafted player that Lindsay liked was Cody Campbell, the offensive lineman out of Texas Tech.

"He's had alot of experience in pass blocking, and has good size," he said. "You did have a couple of other interior linemen in the draft, so there's not a whole lot of roster spots there. But he's the kind of kid with a good record of productivity and who could catch that tenth spot on the roster and develop down the road."

John asked Colin what he thought about undrafted free agent linebacker Chris Laskowski.

"He's a really interesting kid," said Lindsay. "Not very big...but a very smart kid, hard worker. He was pretty far down in the pecking order when he came out of high school, but he worked really hard. He's the kind of kid who plays with that sense of abandon and could come out and really help you on special teams."

Sunday, May 8th, Van Stout, host of the Wisconsin football pregame and postgame radio show will talk about defensive end Jonathan Welsh and running back Anthony Davis on The Jersey Johnny Show on WIBC Radio, 1070 AM in Indianapolis. Color radio commentator for Maine Black Bear football, Bob Lucy, will discuss running undrafted free agent running back Marcus Williams. Click this link to John's page at WIBC and listen to the broadcast from 7-8 pm!

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