Marlin Jackson Being Sued for $10 million

Marlin Jackson is being sued for $10 million in connection with a 2003 incident that led to a plea agreement and probation for the Colts rookie cornerback.

The Colts' number one draft pick, cornerback Marlin Jackson, is going to have to deal with the usual pressures that face NFL rookies trying to find their spot on the roster. And he's going to have to do that while handling the distraction being caused by a Ypsilanti, Michigan man who has had second thoughts about moving on from a June, 2003 incident and has filed a civil suit against Jackson. The Colts rookie is likely to sign a huge contract within the next two months.

Shahin Farokhrany's lawsuit claims he's suffered mental and physical anguish, permanent vision loss and "general damages" as a result of Jackson hitting him with a bottle during an altercation at a party.

As part of his plea agreement, Jackson admitted hitting Farokhrany in the right eye, but denied ever hitting him with a bottle. Jackson was put on probation as part of the plea agreement.

Afterwards, Farokhrany expressed his willingness to move forward and not pursue civil action against Jackson.

"Sometimes, people get drunk and make mistakes," he told the Ann Arbor News. Hopefully, he won't be hitting people in the face again."

But in the lawsuit, Farokhrany revived his claim that Jackson hit him with a bottle and that he has needed ongoing medical care, has been unable to work, and been limited in his ability to attend school.

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