Doss Trade Rumors

Jay Glazer at Fox Sports included a tidbit in his column today that claims that the Colts attempted to trade safety Mike Doss this week after being arrested over the weekend. But one NFL analyst has a different take that seems to make more sense us.

In his column, Glazer mocks the Colts for reportedly attempting to trade Doss.

"From the It's a Little Late For That File, the Colts this week called some teams looking to trade starting safety Mike Doss, just days after being arrested on serious gun charges," reports Glazer. "Come on fellas, don't you think that's a little too late?"

It sure is. And whether Glazer's report is accurate or not, it just doesn't make sense.

The Colts are certainly unhappy with Doss' behavior, and it's clear that they will be taking some sort of disciplinary action to send the appropriate message to him, the fans, and the NFL about who the Colts are as an organization and their high values.

But Colts President Bill Polian is also savvy enough that it would be shocking to learn that he was burning up the phone lines trying to find a new home for Doss, knowing that it would be tough to find a suitor with Doss potentially facing jail time.

A source close to the NFL tells ColtPower that it's the other way around -- with teams dialing up Bill Polian's number inquiring about Doss' availability in a trade.

Who's right? Only the Bill Polian and the other team officials can validate that for sure. At minimum, it appears that some potential trade talks may have occurred.

But it seems to make a lot more sense a couple of desperate, opportunistic teams -- knowing the Colts' high standards and their public anger over the Doss situation -- might take the initiative to contact the Colts.

Their goal? Walk away from the conversation with a starting-caliber safety while giving up less value since they were "helping" the Colts dump a "problem player."

After watching Bill Polian in action the last few years, the second scenario seems much more likely than Glazer's -- even though he has no doubt based his comments on reports from reliable sources he trusts. But his own incredulity over the situation should have set off alarms in his head, at minimum raising the question of who actually initiated the phone calls.

You can't blame Glazer for trusting his sources, as they could be giving him accurate information. But on the other hand, the second scenario seems to make a lot more sense unless the Colts are simply furious, not just angry, at Doss.

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