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ColtPower fans in our Premium Members Forum posed questions to NFL analyst Adam Caplan this past week. Here's his answers to five of those questions, including how he sees the Colts MLB situation shaping up and whether or not the Colts will sign Edgerrin James to a longterm deal.

1. Adam, what do you foresee happening with the MLB spot with the Colts? -- texcoltfan

Brackett, as predicted months ago, will head into training camp #1 on the depth chart. However, I suspect he will have competition there from within the roster or a from a veteran free agent (Ronald McKinnon or someone who has started a lot of games inside).

Brackett is a nice story considering he was signed as an undrafted free agent (they've done a great job since Polian has taken over the personnel side of finding value late in drafts or as undrafted free agents) but he's unproven (only started two games in his career so far).

2. Do you see the Colts making the next step this year? -- Bodey

As a matter of fact, I'm on record on the radio, TV, and print as the Colts getting homefield and getting to the Super Bowl this year against the Eagles.

They did a good job of getting more players in the draft that will provide a badly needed physical presence to their defense, so that's going to play immediate dividends.

3. What do you see as to the future of Edgerrin and the Colts? Is a long term deal achievable? -- John Cimasko

I don't see them getting anything done long-term at this point. I don't think they are totally sold on him as the answer 3-5 years down the road for the kind of money it would cost them.

4. Given the underlying politics (let alone viewer perceptions of NFLEurope), the fact is that there are some rather talented Colts assigned to the league this year. Where do you see these guys fitting into the 2005 team and given such well liked players like Tom Arth (well thought of by players, coaches, and fans), what are their chances of sticking and making an impact this year? -- BCNcolt

Arth's problem is that they spent a sixth round selection on Jim Sorgi last year who they also like so Arth projects to the practice squad. The team is very deep at cornerback so none of those players project to make it.

They could use a fourth end so Mallard or Mills could make it. Mills wasn't offered a contract last year with the Jaguars though, so that's not a good sign considering how bad their ends were.

5. The Colts have, arguably, the best 3 WR corp in the NFL. But Marvin Harrison will lose a step within the next year or two. Which of the WR's on the roster show the potential to make the team and add quality backup depth? I hope you don't say Walters. -- ColtsBlueTN

I really like Aaron Moorehead actually. He has plenty of talent and good size. Problem is they use almost exclusively three receiver sets and not four so Moorehead won't do much unless one of the top three get hurt. I do think he would be a nice replacement as he has better size than those above him on the depth chart. He's yet another undrafted free agent to make the roster.

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