Rob Morris To Return to Colts

ColtPower has learned from a source close to the team that middle linebacker Rob Morris will be returning to the Colts for the 2005 season.

According to our source, Rob Morris will be rejoining the Colts, pending the completion of a physical, after months of posturing by the Colts on his future with the team. While they claimed that they were leaving the door open, it appeared less and less likely that a deal would transpire.

Morris' return likely translates into a one-year deal at or around the league minimum for a player at his experience level, although we have not yet been able to confirm the details or that a contract has been officially submitted to the league office as of 7 pm (ET).

ColtPower is currently working to further confirm this report and on additional details as this would throw yet another wrinkle into the Colts' middle linebacker training camp competition.

Projected starter Gary Brackett's strong performance in minicamp and summer school, combined with the addition of Kendyll Pope to the depth chart at MLB may have provided the Colts with the leverage needed to get Morris to lower his contract expectations. Morris reportedly didn't get much interest from other NFL teams during the offseason, certainly hurting his bargaining power.

With their injuries at linebacker and lack of depth of experience at the middle linebacker position other than Brackett, it makes sense for the Colts to add a veteran to compete for the job or at minimum add some bench strength. Choosing to re-sign a player who knows their system well at this point in the year makes tremendous sense.

We'll update this story as more information becomes available.

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