Hunt Won't Miss Camp

Rob Hunt's agent made it clear this week that he hasn't had a player who missed a day of training camp -- and that Hunt won't be his first.

Colts fans can breathe easy knowing that Rob Hunt isn't amongst the rookies who could end up holding out over a contract dispute. Hunt's agent, Kevin Omell, has never had a player unsigned by the time camp opens.

"When a rookie misses one day of camp, every day is like missing a whole week," Omell told Jeff Kolpack of In-Forum Sports this week. "Both sides are trying to do the right thing and what is in the best interest for Rob."

The Colts reportedly aren't actively discussing a deal with Omell, and his expectation is that they won't begin in earnest until sometime in July. The Colts open camp on July 27th in Terre Haute.

Omell stated that he is expecting the Colts to offer a deal of at least $230,000 per season with a signing bonus of roughly $100,000. And while he says a fifth-rounder typically gets a 3-year deal, he won't be surprised to see the Colts offer a 4-5 year pact for Hunt.

If he lands that deal for his client, he will have done well as that type of money usually goes to players picked in higher rounds. But the 5th-round draft pick has been looking solid and appears to have the raw talent to be snapping the ball to Peyton Manning whenever needed in place of Jeff Saturday.

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