Wayne Extension More Likely Use of Cap Dollars

NFL and fantasy football expert Adam Caplan fielded five more questions from ColtPower fans. Take a look at what he had to say about Mike Vanderjagt's future, Joe Jefferson's switch to safety, and what the Colts need to do to get past the Patriots.

PatCurtis: Do you think Polian will do the unthinkable and sign a free agent of note this summer that could make a real diff?

Adam: I don't see it because their cap situation, after all of the rookies are signed, isn't going to leave them a lot of cap space to sign any impact players. I think what they'll do with the extra cash is look to get Reggie Wayne extended since he's on the last year of his deal. That would secure their top three receivers.

I think they did a good enough job in the draft, especially in the secondary, that if the defenders stay healthy, you'll see a somewhat solid defense.

BCNColt: In the case of Vanderjagt, if memory serves, I believe that he is at the end of his contract this year. As we have seen, the Colts keep bringing in kickers apparently trying to "jump start" Mike (or at least keep him focused on keeping his job). At this point, do you see the Colts sticking with him (excellent stats but clouded by the "personality warts") or do they start fresh via the draft or maybe vet minimum kicker on the unemployment line, and if a vet - who do you think makes sense?.

Adam: It's standard operating proceedure for teams to bring extra kickers to camp just to have some competition for the incumbent. I don't see any of the potential competitors (rookie Dave Raymer in particular) taking the job this season.

Vanderjagt is on the last year of his deal (scheduled to make $1.8 million) and if Raymer can show the club that he's progressing, this could be the final season for the veteran kicker. Lets hope Raymer's kickoffs are an improvements over Vanderjagt's.

Bodey: Will the legal problems of several Colt players this offseason affect the team's reputation around the league?

Adam: The fact that the team (Polian and Dungy in particular) reacted so strongly to the player transgressions shortly after they happened will help keep a solid reputation for the team.

I can tell you that everyone I have spoken to who knows Doss well has said it's one isolated ncident and what happened isn't a true reflection of him off the field. Just a bad one-time mistake.

RevColt: With moving Joe Jeff to safety and the problems that Mike Doss has had the past few weeks, do you see this as a permanent move? Or, do you think Doss will move back into the starter's roll once his suspension is over and Jefferson will move back to CB? --

Adam: I think Jefferson could be a swing player. As I'm sure you know, Jefferson's physical problems since he was drafted have shown he can't be counted on, so it would be best if he was used in a situational role at either position.

I would be surprised if Doss didn't get his job back assuming he stays out of trouble.

LACOLTFAN: Adam, what, in your opinion, do the COLTS need to do to get past the Patriots?

Adam: As I discussed in the first "Five Questions" piece, getting home field is paramount to winning the AFC. Playing inside the RCA dome is very tough because it's so loud and I think their speed at receiver is taken down a notch outside in the cold weather.

However, if the physical play that I'm expecting them to show more of this season comes to fruition (Bob Sanders' presence all season should be huge), that will help them in taking the next step. The bottom line is they have to be the "hitter", not the "hittee" if you catch my drift.

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