Quick Hits: Colts Interested in Another Kicker?

So you made it to July. And even though training camp doesn't start until the 27th, you're at that point where you can start to "feel" another season of Colts football approaching, can't you?

For Colts fans, July brings a level of excitement that is analagous to the month of December finally arriving when you were a child. It's all about the........anticipation.

Maybe I should design a "Training Camp Countdown" calendar similar to those Christmas calendars where you open a little window each day, but instead of unveiling a picture of a candy cane or Santa Claus, you'd unveil a photo of the RCA Dome, tailgaters reveling around the grill, and Colts players in action. Of course, the final window would be a picture of Peyton Manning with the words "Let's Do It" underneath.

While you wait for training camp, don't miss out on some fun on Sunday night of this holiday weekend. If you get ESPN Classic, they are showing Super Bowl V highlights at 5 pm (ET). Sure, it was the "Blunder Bowl" with a record 11 turnovers (the kind of game that would give Tony Dungy nightmares) but it was an exciting game that didn't get resolved until Jim O'Brien kicked a 32-yard field goal with just seconds remaining, resulting in Dallas All-Pro defensive tackle Bob Lilly hurling his helmet up the field without incurring a fine from the NFL. Make this program part of your holiday TV viewing or at minimum set your VCR up to capture this classic.

Former Alabama kicker Brian Bostick is hoping for a chance to compete in a training camp somewhere this year. And according to his agent, David Dunn, he's fielded inquiries about the former Crimson Tide kicker from both the Colts and the Titans. In his senior year, he finished second in the SEC in scoring, making 16-of-19 field-goal attempts and all 33 extra-point attempts. Bostick didn't even get an offer to be an undrafted free agent, but hopes that a team will become disenchanted with one of their kickers early in camp so that he gets a shot.

Ty Law's saying he wants a deal in the $40 million range, claiming he turned his back on one offer that he felt would "only" guarantee him $10 million before that new team was likely to cut him. I don't think $10 million is a bad deal for a guy who's career is clearly in question and who is only reportedly at 85% speed with less than a month until training camp. But what do I know? It will be interesting to see how high the bidding goes from the 4-5 teams that appear to be interested in his services at this late date. So far, most appear interested in a high-dollar one-year deal or a more modest long-term proposal than Law desires.

Peyton Manning was in Knoxville for a charity golf tournament this week and told the Knoxville Sentinel that he's confident that the Colts are poised for a Super Bowl run.

"It's going to take an overall team effort and we feel like we have the players that will make the plays happen," he said.

But he also recognized the fact that the Colts have a tough schedule this season, including games against the Patriots, Chargers, and Rams as well as their usual foes -- the Jaguars, Texans, and Titans.

"I think the AFC South is one of the top divisions in the league that doesn't quite get the respect it deserves," he said. "It's a demanding schedule; that's the way you want to have it. You want to be battle-tested, and hopefully you can win those and get ready for a postseason run."

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