"Sweet Pea" Signed

Vincent "Sweet Pea Burns" signed a $1.39 million contract today, making him the second member of the Colts draft class of 2005 to be on board.

An interesting twist to Kentucky defensive lineman "Sweet Pea" Burns' contract is that it's only a 3-year deal. That's a year or two shy of the typical third-round pick deal -- and exactly what he wanted.

"The three-year deal was one of the most important things we wanted," agent Hardy Engelhard said. "...assuming there's a new collective bargaining agreement, Sweet Pea will become a restricted free agent after three years."

Burns is evidently banking on making a name for himself quickly so that he can gain benefit from an even stronger deal in three years than he believes he would command in today's market. That's good news as he now has plenty of incentive to play well right from the start.

While it may seem odd that the third-round pick was signed earlier than most of the other Colts players from the 2005 draft, Engelhard said his experience of working with the Colts in the past paved the way for a smooth experience. He also represents Colts cornerback Nick Harper.

Contract terms include a signing bonus of $464,100 and minimum base salaries of $230,000 ('05), $310,000 ('06) and $385,000 ('07).

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