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In an interesting twist to next weekend's game, Falcons head coach Jim Mora wants to touch base with Tony Dungy prior to kickoff in Tokyo to discuss how wide open they will run their defenses while both teams' franchise quarterbacks are on the field.

"I'm sure that Tony and I, as we talk, we'll come to some sort of arrangement in terms of when a guy like Peyton or Mike is in the game, are we going to blitz? Are you going to bring everybody or are we just going to play some football," he said.

"What we really want is to see Peyton Manning and Michael Vick playing in the regular season. We also want Peyton Manning to make some throws down the field and Mike Vick run around and making some throws. So if you pull off the blitzing a little bit, you're going to showcase them a little bit."

Colts WR Brandon Stokley was named as the fourth "most fearless" wide receiver by the Sporting News' War Room Scouts this week. Sportswriter Michael Bradley said, "He is tough and sure-handed, and he runs routes in traffic at full speed." Stokley finished behind Hines Ward (Steelers), Torry Holt (Rams) and Laveranues Coles of the Jets. Colts QB Peyton Manning was given the nod as the best at protecting his receivers. Bradley noted, "No quarterback is better at placing the ball where it belongs. Colts receivers know the ball will be on their upfield shoulder, giving them a chance to run before they get popped."

Former Titan Samari Rolle might not be able to square off against the Colts when his new team, the Baltimore Ravens, hosts Indianapolis on September 11th to start the regular season. Rolle reached a plea bargain agreement in response to a domestic violence incident earlier this year, which will likely lead to a one or two game suspension under the NFL's personal conduct policy. But with the Colts game being a critical one for the Ravens, don't be surprised if Rolle files an appeal once the NFL takes action -- in hopes of delaying the implementation of the suspension a few weeks into the season.

Rob Morris says he drew some interest during the offseason before re-signing with the Colts to compete with Gary Brackett for the starting middle linebacker job.

"I got some calls, but I think I was kind of No. 2 on some people's lists. And when they got their No. 1 guy ... ," he said.

Happy to be back or note, Morris appears to be a bit rusty in the early going of camp, not looking very sharp in some of the ball-handling drills designed to increase the defense's ability to snag more turnovers.

Edgerrin James' agent Drew Rosehaus is drawing some ridicule after spending some of his summer trying to persuade teams to provide better deals for three of his major clients with the potential cloud of holdouts circulating through the media. All three big names -- Terrell Owens of the Eagles, Javon Walker of the Packers and James reported to camp on time without new deals. Steve Lawrence at said, "Rosenhaus likes to compare himself to a shark. The Packers, Eagles and Colts treated Rosenhaus like an annoying fly..."

Colts rookie cornerback Marlin Jackson is continuing to progress well in hopes of being named to a starting position by the time the Colts line up against the Ravens for week one action. He's certainly got the right attitude to make it happen.

"I love the competition, going against the best every day," he said. "I just have to get up to the level of those guys."

Don't miss this article on Tony Dungy at Can Dungy get over "Super Bowl" hump? It has some great quotes from the Colts head coach, and then the next portion of the article includes comments from Peyton Manning regarding 49ers rookie Alex Smith's big contract that included $24 million in guaranteed money.

"Let me tell you, I think you carry a big burden when you do sign such a big contract," Manning says. "I still feel that obligation after my last deal. I want to make sure that Jimmy (Irsay, the Colts' owner) sleeps well at night. I want to earn my owner's respect."

Wide receiver Aaron Moorehead had a big day on Saturday at training camp, catching three touchdown passes from Peyton Manning. Tight end Dallas Clark pulled in two.

Moorehead believes this could be a breakthrough season for him, and if the Colts struggle to get Reggie Wayne signed to a new deal this year, Moorehead better be prepared to step up for his shot as one of the starting three.

"I want to show everybody I'm capable of doing the same things they big three (Harrison, Wayne and Stokley) are doing," Moorehead said. "I think I'm doing a pretty good job of that so far."

After the first three days of workouts, quarterback Tom Arth appears to have a good opportunity to surpass Travis Brown on the depth chart. Brown is not off to an impressive start, missing on a number of passes. Keep an eye on both of these quarterbacks if they get playing time in Tokyo.

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