With James, Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Well, well, well. Edgerrin showed up, on time, for camp. This despite...never saying he wouldn't! Edgerrin got on the plane to Tokyo. This despite...making a joke suggesting he wouldn't! And a darn funny one, at that!

A question for the many, media pundits and fans alike, who were incensed at James possibly not going to The Land of the Rising Sun: Now that he's there, how much do you want him to play?

Personally, I don't want him in there for more than a series. Two carries would be nice. You want to potentially sacrifice him for the personal viewing pleasure of a gazillion or so people in Japan who likely have more passion for ping-pong than the pigskin?!? Have Edgerrin be "The Last Samurai", as it were?! Screw that – let Tom Cruise tote the rock and get smoked in a nothing game!!

And as for the "5-month sentence" outrage, please don't try to make it sound like James hates the city of Indianapolis. Or his owner. Or his coach. Or his team, or his teammates. That's not what he said. EVER.

He compared the situation of Martha Stewart to his own from a FINANCIAL perspective. She had to go to the joint, but hit paydirt upon release. He could not get a long-term deal, but after the season, feels he may get the contract he desires. Perhaps a bad comparison, made spur of the moment in a lengthy conversation with a reporter. But NOT the whining and bitter rant of an unhappy man.

That isn't Edgerrin James, and anyone who's followed this team since his rookie season should know that.

Look up all his past comments about the Colts' owner. About his coaches (past and present). About his teammates.

But let's not forget about all of his embarrassing, off-the-field antics (yes, this is sarcasm my friends!).

Building a games metropolis for the youth of Immokalee? Surely he knows that video games rot the mind, and will no doubt lead to all these youngsters shooting up public schools! Perhaps that is his plan! Edgerrin James is a veritable Doctor Evil!!!!

And what of his entrance to camp last year, via taxi-cab? A simple jest? Methinks not! Obviously, this was a statement against "The Man", and his status as an underpaid minion of "Diamond" Jim Irsay! The man is a complete malcontent!!!!!

Selfish? He's the guy who suggested Mungro get in for the immortal pass from Peyton. He's the guy who preached (and practiced) winning all last year, over any personal accomplishments. This DESPITE knowing his free agency year was approaching.

James hasn't hid any feelings. He's been honest about his thoughts on camp. He doesn't like it. Same with flying. But he's simply stated these things matter-of-factly, upfront. He hasn't pouted about it, or been bitter or negative. He's then gone about his business in a positive manner, making the best of it.

The one no-show everyone remembers was when he was coming off his knee injury. He chose not to show up at a time when he would have been a DC (designated cheerleader), instead of a RB. He opted to stay in SoFlo and stick with his rehab instead of going to Indy, stand on sideline, and get depressed.

During his recent contractual situation that most NFL superstars would have a hard time dealing with -- superegos and all -- James has been about as laid back about the whole situation as one could imagine. For Edgerrin to throw any sort of tantrum would be completely out of character. He could be the most easy-going superstar in the NFL.

I don't expect some writer trying to do a sensational bit for a major sports mag to know this. But I think most of us know it. So before you buy into it, even for a moment, take a step back. Look around the league. Players are holding out in droves. Even with multiple years left on their contracts, they're making threats. They're making inflammatory comments about their coaches, their teammates, their owners.

In recent Colts history, Peyton Manning verbally lashed out at former Coach Jim Mora in the press. Marvin Harrison made some unnerving comments when his contract situation was being addressed.

Edgerrin….made a Benihana joke. And he's with his teammates in Tokyo.

Remember...actions speak louder than words.

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