Laskowski's Injury Not Too Serious

Linebacker Chris Laskowski was injured on the Colts' opening kickoff in Tokyo last weekend, one of four Colts whose status was questionable following the game.

ColtPower has learned that rookie linebacker Chris Laskowski suffered an A-C sprain and slight separation to his shoulder during the Colts opening kickoff this past weekend versus the Falcons. The A-C joint is the area where the collarbone meets the bony attachment of the shoulder blade.

Laskowski was expected to see significant action in the second half of the game, but was unable to return. The Colts special teams units could certainly benefit from the presence of the hustling linebacker.

According to our source, Laskowski could be ready for action as early as this weekend, but will be day-to-day later this week after a few days of rest and rehag. At worst, he should see game action again the following weekend.

ColtPower has also learned from another NFL source that DE Jonathan Welsh (knee) and OT David Porter's (high ankle sprain) injuries could result in them both missing the balance of training camp...and more. We're continuing to dig for details, but in any case, don't expect to see either one play against Buffalo this weekend.

We are still trying to obtain information on DB Gerome Sapp's (shoulder) status for this weekend.

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