Back Where I Belong

Yes, I know that it is "just" a preseason game. I am aware that a number of players that I will see Saturday evening won't be playing ball in September; sadly, their dreams will come crashing down.

I know that the final score won't count in the standings. And yes, I paid full price to witness an exhibition game. (Even though I am a member of the media, I still buy season tickets every year and sit in the stands. I wouldn't have it any other way)

But Saturday evening, as I once again step into the dome, my senses will be taken over by a thrill that still lingers even after all these years; a feeling that still wraps around my heart and soul; the one unique joy that has stayed with me longer than any other.

I am here to see my team play football. I am here to unconditionally support them; to share in their triumphs, and commiserate in their defeats.

It is who I am; a Colts fan. I would like to think that I am more than that, but I believe that most who know me make that association more than any other. I can go along with it. I have to admit that this team has been entwined in my life for a very, very long time. They are a part of the fabric of my existence. I would be lying if I denied it.

I wouldn't want to deny it.

I savor the moment of that first glimpse of the ocean after being away from it for an extended period of time. I appreciate the first look at that green, green grass of the infield of a major league baseball park when I have not visited one for awhile. Moments that are priceless. Moments that give me a feeling that words can not describe, much like the feeling that I will have Saturday evening.

I am not ashamed to admit that one of the big reasons that I became a Colts fan when I was a kid was because I liked their uniforms. I thought that they were the best looking uniforms in all of professional sports, not just the NFL. I still do. Nothing else compares, except for maybe the NY Yankees. (Had to throw that in there for all you Yankee haters!)

I still experience that same thrill when I see those blue and white uniforms. They haven't changed much over the years, and neither has the feeling I get when I see them at the very start of a new season. The start of a new football season and all that it brings with it; for guys like me, it is a rebirth.

This time of year always is accompanied by optimism; an unbridled optimism that only the true believers possess. I have always had that unbridled optimism, even when it was totally unwarranted. I didn't care what the "experts" were predicting, how poor the year before was, how unproductive the draft seemed. It didn't matter one bit. It was a new start, everyone had a shot, even my beloved Colts.

Of course, the reality of the situation would eventually slap me silly and snap me out of it, but for that moment, it was all that mattered.

But now I am spoiled, and rightfully so. This team is on the verge of great things. This could very well be that magical season that we fans will never forget; that we fans will refer back to for years to come; could this be that "Championship Season?"

So, much like that first glimpse of the cold, rough Atlantic after being away for awhile, or the dark green grass of a major league ballpark, this Saturday evening that wondrous feeling will cover me like a blanket.

Just don't ask me to describe it. I can't.

You can listen to Jersey Johnny talk about the Colts and sports from 6-8 pm Sunday nights. Click this link to his page at WIBC and bookmark it as you can listen to his broadcast through WIBC's website.

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