Saturday Night's Game Experience

John Cimasko reflects on Saturday night's game against the Bills in Indianapolis and the state of the team.

I forgot how cool downtown Indianapolis can be when it is swarming with people dressed in their Colts attire. Downtown Indy was a sea of blue and white. Something tells me that this teams' fans are expecting big things this year; very big things. They are ready.

I don't know how it looked on television, but the new field turf created a completely different atmosphere inside the dome. I felt like I was outside, except for the roof, of course. It just gave such a different "feel" to the place, taking the edge off of that sterile environment that you experience once inside. It makes me anticipate the new facility even more than I have been.

I went up to Ford Field for the Thanksgiving Day game last autumn, and when I walked into that stadium my jaw dropped. That place was great. And to think, our new stadium will top that by having the retractable roof. This new stadium is going to be something else.

I have been driving the Ben Utecht bandwagon since last year, and I think that between Utecht, Bryan Fletcher, and Ben Hartsock, Marcus Pollard's absence will not hurt that much. No disrespect to Pollard, but it might not hurt at all. Utecht is going to be a contributing member of this offense, (in my humble opinion, naturally) I don't see how Fletcher doesn't find a roster spot.

Bill Polian wanted a more physical, better tackling defensive backfield, and I don't want to jump the gun, but it appears as though he is going to get it this year. How can you not be impressed with what we have seen from Marlin Jackson this year? Bob Sanders just plain hits, and Joseph Jefferson is looking very strong at the other safety spot.

I am hoping that Donald Strickland gets healthy, gets some playing time, and fills the other corner. That will be a pretty solid defensive backfield. And hopefully, Mike Doss gets back to playing like he did his rookie season.

Speaking of the DB's, Waine Bacon has a very solid outing Saturday night. He layed out a couple of Bills, seemed to be all over the place, got a sack, forced a fumble. There is some good competition at the backup spots for corner and safety.

Wish that there was something good to report about the kickoff situation, but I don't see it. Hopefully Dave Rayner can get his foot into the ball over the next couple of weeks, and help out that situation. The clock is ticking.

Speaking of special teams…let's just wait until next week and hope that it gets better. A lot better!!!

I don't care who is blocking, and it doesn't matter who is running the ball, -5 yards rushing in 60 minutes of football is unacceptable, preseason or not.

I'm not worried about the o-line at all, although I wish that Dylan Gandy would get healthy and get some reps. The backup offensive line looked horrible last preseason too, as I recall, but when needed, these guys stepped up their game and filled in nicely. Hopefully that is the case again.

I am curious as to why wide out Roscoe Crosby saw no action. I'd like to see what this guy has to offer.

Kendyll Pope got the start at strongside linebacker and I thought that he handled himself well. He appears to be a fundamentally sound tackler, and you can never have too many of those.

Between Pope, Gilbert Gardner, Sanders, and Utecht, with their lack of playing time last year do to injury, they are like bonus draft picks this year. I like that.

So the lowly Bears come to the dome this Saturday evening, and I would imagine that they will be well represented in the stands by their faithful fans. I just don't understand how they can be so arrogant when their team is so bad. But they are.

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