Unitas...Best Quarterback of All-Time?

29 current and former coaches, players and executives were asked who they thought was the greatest quarterback in NFL history. A familiar name to Colts fans was amongst those mentioned.

While former 49ers great Joe Montana got more votes than any other quarterback, Johnny Unitas didn't lag far behind in the poll conducted by Scripps Howard news service. John Elway had a few supporters, including Archie Manning, father of Colts quarterback Peyton Manning for the honor.

While Harold Charmichael, former receiver and current Director of Player Programs for the Eagles simply replied "Johnny Unitas," here's what others who voted for Unitas had to say.

Bill Polian, President/GM Colts: "In a sport that has had many champion quarterbacks, John Unitas stands, in my mind, as the greatest at his position. He was the forerunner to how the game is played today. His toughness and leadership abilities were outstanding, and he bore the face of his team greater than any player in history. He is one of the central figures upon which our game is built."

Ernie Accorsi, Senior VP/GM, Giants: "Johnny Unitas. Sure, Johnny had the physical ingredients required: lightning quick release, a laser for an arm, good ability to avoid the rush. But what set Unitas apart was the feeling you got in your heart when you saw him walk on the field, something that none of us are capable of defining or explaining, we just feel it. You knew he came to win. And, from the moment he walked into the locker room, you knew you had a better chance to win than the other guy. He was the toughest man I have ever known - physically and mentally."

Doug William, Personnel Executive, Buccaneers: "Johnny Unitas, because he always found a way to get it done."

Sam Huff, Hall-of-Famer, Redskins Radio Analyst: "Johnny Unitas. He was so frustrating to play against. He was so frustrating for me to play against. I thought he could read my mind when I called the defenses. He was such a great leader."

Quotes referenced in this story were compiled by David Nielsen, Sripps Howard News Service

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