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If you are accessing this article through Yahoo! Sports, you may need to visit the original version of this article at to use the links in the story. The Colts are getting ready to play the Broncos tonight, but evidently the Baltimore Sun missed out on that big story. Instead, they are running a story on how the losses to the Patriots still haunt the Colts. Wide receiver Brandon Stokley puts it all in perspective.

"I don't think it's gotten to that point here," Stokley said. "Until we can beat them, people are going to ask if they're in our heads. It's a fair question. [But] our goal is not to beat New England; our goal is to win the Super Bowl."

Meanwhile, the Broncos are battling their own ghosts from the past as the Colts head to Denver. The media has been pounding them with questions about whether they are ready for a Colts team that has manhandled them in the playoffs the last two years. And yet, the media also acknowledges that a preseason game isn't all that significant to the big picture.

"So why do you all keep bringing it up?" Denver linebacker Al Wilson said to them this week according to sportswriter Frank Schwab at The Gazette.

Keep an eye on rookie cornerback Darrent Williams tonight, who doesn't seem to be phased by the fact that he's going to face Peyton Manning, Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne on a national broadcast.

"That means I can showcase my skills," Williams said. "People back home can watch my talent."

Riiiiight....good luck, kid. It's one thing to be confident, it's another to sound like a rookie who hasn't watched any game film of the Colts offense against your team's defense.

And as the Colts offense lines up Saturday night, they'll be looking for signs of life that will reassure them and their fans that they can get the kind of results that will strike fear into their opponents -- just like last season.

"Last season is over with," Manning said. "If we can eliminate some of our mental mistakes, I feel we can find that rhythm. We certainly have the players to move the ball to score."

The game will certainly have more of a regular season feel to it as Michael Marot of the AP notes in his story from Friday. And playing the Broncos has an added bonus according to Colts head coach Tony Dungy.

"I love playing Denver in the preseason because it's a good team, it's a good system and it's an exciting environment," Dungy said. "This will be a good test because they're a lot like Baltimore."

The Broncos are expecting to put more pressure on Manning than before thanks to a new-look defensive line. Former Browns defensive end Courtney Brown may be healthy enough to make his preseason debut as well after dislocating his elbow earlier this summer.

And if you haven't been keeping up to date on the stadium news, here are the most recent developments as the city plans to start some demolition work this week.

"The lease, I would say, is essentially done," said Mayor Bart Peterson. "If ground isn't broken before the beginning of this season, then clearly we're behind. I think that's the sense of urgency that everyone feels."

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