Jason Stewart to be Released?

ColtPower has learned that DT Jason Stewart is the player who is likely to be released to make room for LB Rocky Calmus.

According to a report we received this morning, it appears that the Colts will release DT Jason Stewart just one day after he was announced as part of the active roster.

Based on the fact that LB Rocky Calmus played in the preseason and was traded to the Colts, it appears that he is not eligible for the same reserve status that Corey Simon qualified for yesterday when roster moves were announced.

The delay could certainly work to the Colts' advantage if they want to put Stewart on their practice squad as teams may not be as anxious to sign him after they get their practice squads and rosters set today.

Stewart still has one year of eligibility for the practice squad. But if this plays out as expected, one of the players named to the practice squad on Sunday could be bumped to make room for Stewart once he clears waivers.

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