Colts Add Stickdorn; Show Interest in Palepoi

The Colts filled the final spot on their practice squad this week. And according to a report by ColtPower's Jerry Langton, they are apparently taking a look at 4th-year defensive end Anton Palepoi.

ColtPower's Jerry Langton reports that the Colts appear to be interested in former Seahawks and Broncos defensive end Anton Palepoi, a second-round draft pick by Seattle back in 2002. The 6'3, 283-pounder out of Nevada-Las Vegas was released by Denver on September 3rd.

Jerry notes that Palepoi "appears to have all the tools with fine explosiveness, good speed and even the bulk to anchor (a rarity in Colt-land). He's not great at shedding blocks, has no idea what his hands are for, but has been a worthwhile player when he's fit."

Evidently, staying fit has been his biggest problem since the 2002 draft.

"He'll play dinged, but it has hurt his production and development," says Jerry.

During his collegiate career, Palepoi was described as "one of the fastest down linemen in the country" and an "intense pass rusher." The fourth-year veteran was a consistent special teams player for both the Seahawks and the Broncos. In 32 career game appearances, he has 32 tackles, four sacks and a forced fumble. He didn't join the Broncos until September 22, 2004 and saw action in just eleven games, but managed to tally three sacks on the season in a part-time role.

Earlier this week, the Colts added offensive lineman Clint Stickdorn to their practice squad this week, rounding out that roster. The 6'5, 307-pounder out of the University of Cincinnati is a rookie who tried to make the Cleveland Browns' roster. He was a two-year starter at left tackle who plays the position with good intelligence, picking up blitzes and displaying good teamwork with his line mates, but he didn't show great range and can be beaten by speedy rushers. When he graduated, he was projected to be a perennial reserve offensive lineman at the NFL level.

After the NFL Draft, he was called by his family's favorite team and was offered the opportunity to attend Cleveland's mini-camp as an undrafted free agent.

"My grandfather and father are big Browns fans," Stickdorn told our University of Cincinnati affiliate, earlier this year. "Getting the chance to wear that helmet and jersey is really something special for me."

Stickdorn spent the early part of the summer at tackle, and then moved in to guard as the preseason progressed. But he was eventually released during the late-August first wave of roster cut-downs.

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