O'Neil Takes a Hit From Flu Bug

ColtPower has learned that the reason new linebacker Keith O'Neil was unable to travel with the team was due to a bad case of the flu.

It was a tough week for Colts linebackers, especially the new ones. While Rocky Calmus was being placed on injured reserve, former Cowboys linebacker Keith O'Neil came down with the flu. O'Neil had expected to be one of the starters on special teams against Baltimore.

While O'Neil may have been able to be marginally healthy enough to play by Sunday night, the team decided it would be best to allow him to get rest and the proper medication to help him bounce back quicker.

O'Neil is recovering and should be ready for full action next week in time for the home opener against Jacksonville.

Expect the Colts to make a move early in the week to bolster their linebacker depth as they currently only have five healthy ones on the roster. Backup Gilbert Gardner is recovering from an ankle problem and will miss Sunday night's game.

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