Dungy: Colts will be "My Last Stop"

Saying the Colts will be the last team he coaches for before retiring, Tony Dungy received a 3-year contract extension this week.

Colts head coach Tony Dungy agreed to a generous offer by Colts owner Jim Irsay to extend his contract past 2006, keeping the highly respected head coach in Indianapolis through 2009.

His extension is estimated to be in the $5 million per year range, placing him amongst the league's top-paid coaches.

Jim Irsay said that Dungy's winning record, 38-17 since joining the Colts, was just one of the many reasons why he wanted to keep him in Indianapolis.

"He is the type of individual you want to represent your franchise," Irsay said at a more personal level.

Dungy was happy for the opportunity to end his coaching career with the Colts and to be able to provide some continuity for the team past 2006.

"I think it's a win-win situation for everybody," Dungy said. "It's a great for me personally and it's great for our staff. It's great for our scouting department and our whole organization to know we're going to proceed a certain way in the future."

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