Living in the Moment

Upon taking an honest inventory of myself, I came to realize that I had a major character flaw; I just don't live in the moment nearly as much as I should.

It's thoughts of last week, last year, three and sometimes four decades ago; some happy, some sad; I find it very easy to get caught up in all those yesterdays. And I find it almost as easy to get wrapped up in tomorrow, and next week, and all the weeks beyond that.

What a way to live your life; not enjoying or living in the present moment. It's not good. It has to change. And hopefully it will. It's something that I've been working on, and while I struggle at times, I am determined to fix this.

The trick, of course, as in most things, is to incorporate what you have read about and learned into your everyday life. I was intrigued early on this week by some of the reaction to last Sunday evening's Colts-Ravens game. Was this a sign of things to come for this defense? Were they that good or was the Raven's offense that bad? How will they hold up against Jacksonville this Sunday? And if they can take Jacksonville, maybe they can run the table up until the bye week. Can our linebackers play that well consistently?

For some, there didn't seem to be as much appreciation for what happened Sunday evening in Baltimore as there should have been. Sure, we were glad that the Colts beat a good defensive team in their backyard, but it was on to next week within a day or so.

I chose not to do that. I chose to just enjoy that game for what it was, savoring those three hours, feeling good about what I saw, no thoughts of next week, or the trip to New England in November, or can Gary Brackett play that well again?

For that night, Brackett was a star on national television, playing with focus and intensity, raising the eyebrows of the masses that are not familiar with Rutgers football, that are not familiar with this man's perseverance and work ethic; that are not familiar with his determination and his will to succeed. It was his night, and I was right there with him, relishing every moment.

Who knows if this defense can play with any consistency? I don't have a clue if the pieces have fallen into place, if they can come out this Sunday and perform like last week. But for that night in Baltimore, they played as strongly as any defensive unit that we have seen in quite some time.

I can't recall the last time that I saw such pure happiness expressed by a professional athlete as I witnessed after tight end Ben Utecht pulled in that touchdown pass while tumbling into the end zone, and then stood up, put his arms up in the air and smiled.

How great was that?

Can he do it again; will he live up to the potential that the organization saw in him? Who knows? I sure hope that he does, but Sunday evening it didn't matter. It was his moment.

A few weeks ago all I could think about was how this team had to beat New England, Pittsburgh, and San Diego during the regular season so that they can ensure themselves home field throughout the playoffs and perhaps finally make it to the Super Bowl. I was wrapped up in it; so wrapped up in it that I knew that it had to change, along with the other changes I am trying to make in how I live day to day, moment to moment. You have to start somewhere, don't you?

This is nice, actually. I can just feel good about this team, how it played, and not even give a thought to next Sunday, or next month for that matter.

Enjoy this Sunday, enjoy this moment.

Sometimes easier said than done, but, hey, I'm trying.

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