Turning the Page: From the Jags to the Browns

ColtPower's Al Uhrich shares his thoughts on Week Two's pummeling of Byron Leftwich and turns our attention to Week Three's arrival of "Romeo the Pooh" in his unique and entertaining column!

Once again, the smash-mouth Colts pull out a victory, despite their complete lack of offensive output.

Gadzooks, just typing that was fun!

Can you imagine it actually being true? What an unpleasant feeling...how do Ravens fans do it? Another spectacular display by the defense; another great week to be a Colt fan.

Can any of you remember a game, not a Colts game, any game, where a quarterback took such a savage pummeling? If the late, great Howard Cosell was still doing ballgames, watching this boot-shining may have been enough to make him hang up the mike, just as Larry Holmes versus Tex Cobb ended it for his boxing announcing.

It was that nasty.

I almost felt sorry for Jaguars quarterback Byron Leftwich…until he appeared to flip the bird to Colts defensive line coach  John Teerlinck. After that, no dice. He paid the piper for his insolence!!! He must have taken a dozen punishing shots from a suddenly supercharged defensive line.

The most (now) famous one, replayed over and over in slow motion, was reminiscent of Willem DaFoe's death scene in Platoon – dropping to his knees, eyes skyward, perhaps seeking divine intervention to end the suffering. But instead of the coup de grace being in the form of beaucoup rounds of 7.62 ammunition to the chest from Charlie, it was 300 pounds of sprinting hatred to the chest from Montae!

How the kindling-like lower legs of Leftwich survived the match, I have no idea. But thankfully he suffered no serious injury.

Hats off also to Marlin "Perkins" Jackson, who matched up on Jimmy "Mister" Smith at crucial times. The dynamic Smith being held to 49 measly yards was key to the outcome, as was the front seven's play versus Fast Freddie Taylor, who got much of his yardage at the very end of the first half  when the Colts were expecting the pass. The defense was absolutely dominant again.

A couple things that are bound to happen as a result...

First, the Colts pass rush is going to get into the heads of opposing quarterbacks How could it not? Week one the lads put Ravens quarterback Kyle Boller on the shelf, and then they spent this past Sunday afternoon beating Leftwich like an oversized piñata. How do you think the remaining AFC South quarterbacks - tackling dummy extraordinaire David Carr, and Steve "The Bionic Sternum" McNair, are going to feel watching tape of these guys?!

And second, the offense -- mainly Manning -- will realize that it is no longer on the quarterback's shoulders to win every game via the aerial assault. The Jags played pass the entire game. Once Peyton finally stopped trying to set up the pass and just stuck with the short game, the Colts took over. Expect more of this from teams with quality defenders, and expect the Colts offense to show more patience, grinding out the low-scoring wins against them.

So Cleveland is up next. Is this the perfect definition of "trap game" or what?

Coming off two massive games against playoff contenders, now the Colts take on the lowly Browns, with the Tennessee trip in the distance.

How can you get psyched for Trent Dilfer?

How can you fear a team coached by a guy named Romeo? A man who resembles a giant, human teddy bear, to boot?

Can you hear Coach Dungy's attempts at firing up the boys this week – "We have to be ready, men – Romeo the Pooh is not a man to be taken lightly. And Trent Dilfer is no Kyle Boller."

Actually, he's the guy who should still be starting for the Ravens AHEAD of Kyle Boller. But I digress…..

Seriously, I don't see the players taking week three lightly. I'd wager seeing Crennel on the sidelines will be an all too familiar and unpleasant feeling for the Colts to get too comfy. So what if he's with another team? And Manning will be peeved all week at the lack of offensive output from the Jax game.

The defense is still too intent on proving themselves. They'll still be playing with a chip. And Jackson will certainly be psyched, as he'll probably be spending a good portion of the game matched up against his old college teammate and the first receiver chosen in the 2005 draft, Braylon Edwards.

So enjoy win number two folks, and start getting ready!

The…..um.........Browns are coming.

I can't get mad at them either.

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